Arizona Pain Relief fights the opioid epidemic using innovative multimodal therapies

Arizona Pain Relief treat their patients with spinal-cord stimulators to avoid surgery and addictive narcotics.

Arizona Pain Relief, a Phoenix-based practice with clinics throughout the valley, has made it its mission to eliminate the opioid crisis by taking a narcotic-free approach to pain relief using a multimodal approach that combines both conservative and minimally invasive therapies. They began using Spinal Cord Stimulation therapy (SCS) as a method of treating pain when surgeries had failed to provide relief to their patients.

The treatment methods utilized at Arizona Pain Relief have seen huge success in the thousands of patients who have been treated over the years. This method often combines conservative measures such as Chiropractics, Physical Therapy, and Rehab along with other spinal therapies such as Medial Branch Blocks, and Radiofrequency ablation - all of which have led to patients enjoying a pain-free and productive life.

Arizona Pain Relief treats pain sufferers in the Phoenix area by finding the root source of their problem, rather than only treating their symptoms. This allows the patient to experience long-lasting relief. Recently, the clinics celebrated their 5th year anniversary of successfully treating patients with neck and back pain using their unique treatment program that incorporates spinal cord stimulation modalities.

A Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) is an implanted device that provides pain relief by delivering small impulses at various frequencies directly to the Spinal Cord, its Nerve Roots, or the Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG). Patients using spinal cord stimulators can utilize a remote control to modulate the programmed impulses as the severity of their symptoms fluctuates. The spinal cord stimulation negates the feeling of pain allowing the patient to return to a normal life.

The Spinal Cord Stimulator is the last line of defense when non-invasive procedures have failed to provide adequate relief. Prior to undergoing permanent implantation of the SCS generator, patients undergo a “trial” procedure which is a temporary treatment with an external device in order to confirm this therapy is indeed the proper solution for them.

Spinal Cord Stimulators can provide relief to people with back pain, neck pain, post-surgical pain, nerve pain, spinal cord injury, complex regional pain syndrome, pain after an amputation, and more. Spinal Cord Stimulators have been found to improve the overall quality of life, sleep, and reduce the need for pain medications.

From injury to recovery, Arizona Pain Relief dedicates themselves to getting their patients out of pain and back to a life they love. They can treat numerous types of conditions, from simple to complex issues without the use of addictive narcotics.

Arizona Pain Relief can be found at multiple locations across the valley including Anthem, Biltmore, Chandler, Mesa, Surprise, Peoria, Phoenix, and Scottsdale along with three Ambulatory Surgical Centers located in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale.

Further information about this opioid-free healthcare clinic can be found on their website or they can be contacted at (480) 572-1232.

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