Arctos Portable AC - Arctos Air Cooler Is The Best Air Cooler in 2021

The Arctos Portable AC is an innovation brought about by Top Arctos, a company based in the US to dispose of our problems with the traditional cooling devices.

Air Conditioners and coolers and indispensable parts of our lives in this day and age of rapid climate change and increasing global warming. They have saved us from very harsh summers and are almost a basic necessity now. Air conditioners are usually preferred over coolers due to their efficiency and adaptability with humid weather. Air Conditioners are also faster and can cool better than traditional coolers.

Air Conditioners (ACs) have their drawbacks though. The most significant disadvantage of the popular use of ACs is the hazardous impact on the environment of the CFCs that they release in the atmosphere. Ozone layer depletion for instance, is a direct side effect of extensive use of ACs which causes diseases as harsh as skin cancer to the affected people.

Another personal inconvenience, albeit selfish, that we have to face is the fact that they are not portable. Travelling in hot temperatures is nearly impossible and we have to pay huge amounts of money to afford air conditioned means of commutation. Air Conditioners also require regular servicing without which they are as good as trash.

We definitely need a better alternative for traditional Air Conditioners. Fortunately, we have one at hand now. The product is a Portable Air Conditioner and is manufactured and sold by Arctos.

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What is Arctos Air Cooler?

The Arctos Portable AC is an innovation brought about by Top Arctos, a company based in the US to dispose of our problems with the traditional cooling devices. It is a compact, easy to carry, portable but sturdy air conditioner. These devices not only cool their surroundings, but also purify the air from unwanted alien particles like dust, pollen and microorganisms. This completely water based product performs multiple functions depending on your fan speed requirements.

How Arctos AC works?

The internal working of the product essentially incorporates taking up hot air from its surroundings and using a coolant, in this case, water to set the air to a required temperature according to the settings put in place. The Arctos Portable AC has an ‘evaporative air cooling technology’ which only needs a little amount of water input from the user. Evaporation of the water helps to regulate the temperature of the air taken from the surroundings and bring it down to low temperatures without actually recycling it. The cool air is then released to in turn regulate the temperature of the surroundings.

The portable AC can be simply turned on by connecting it to a regular plug or even a USB!

It also has a natural filtration system with multiple layers to trap unwanted pollutants, germs and dirt. It does not require use of any harmful coolants which release CFCs in the atmosphere.

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Benefits of the Arctos Portable AC

• The most impactful advantage of the Arctos Portable ACs is the damage it prevents from being inflicted on the environment without compromising its effectiveness and functionality. It does not use any advanced cooling mechanisms like synthetic coolants or electric coils. This purifies the air instead, by its filtration method, off of any harmful microorganisms or dirt or allergy inducing pollen, etc. without releasing any CFCs. Therefore, it is eco-friendly and natural.

• This AC has a hand over regular ACs since regular ones tend to make their surroundings very dry owing to the use of chemical coolants. The Arctos Portable AC actually adds to the moisture level of its surroundings due to the extremely small amounts of water droplets that it sprays. Unlike the commonly used ACs, it helps keep the skin supple and protects it from damage caused by excessive dryness.
• It is a light weight machine which can be carried anywhere and can be used anywhere as well. We have all once in our lifetimes wished for an outdoor cooling system. We finally have it because Arctos Portable AC can be used both outside and inside.
• It is a sweet moderation between a cooler and an AC. It has five fan speed adjustments which also controls the temperature. So, you get the aerated sensation of a cooler and the temperature regulation of the AC. This device is the best thing available for old people or people with orthopaedic issues because extreme cold temperatures can be painful to them.
• Arctos Portable AC does not need any annual servicing. It runs on lithium batteries and can work for long hours on a well charged battery. All it needs is a little water and a filter change once in a while and you are good to go. Annual servicing is usually quite expensive and can become a huge inconvenience to middle class families. This AC not only saves this cost but also, is not very expensive on its own anyway.


Jennifer Hansen, LA-
“I had been looking for a new, light, small and low maintenance cooling device for my personal use. I got it within a week of ordering and it works like magic. It is able to set the perfect temperature for my bedroom and also does not require periodic monitoring of temperature in the middle of the night. I definitely recommend it.”

Where to buy?

The Arctos Portable AC is available for order on the official website of the Arctos company “”. It will hopefully be available on more online platforms soon.


The Arctos Portable AC is a convenient, efficient and space saving cooling device which can work wonders for individuals. It helps regulate room temperature whilst not damaging the atmosphere and serving it’s needs. It is highly recommended because it is economical, portable and saves energy.

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