Arana Craftsman Painters Speaks About Their Artistic Approach To Painting

The company aims to differentiate itself from its competitors and educate home and business owners on the importance of artisanal approach.

Arana Craftsman painters has been serving the Bay Area for over 15 years. In that time Arana has painted, refreshed, and revitalized countless commercial buildings as well as homes. The team at Arana approaches painting in a unique way; looking at each and every job as artists first and foremost. Arana and it's incredibly talented staff aren't content in providing cookie cutter paint jobs. Instead the company works closely with its customers in choosing colors and designs, offering both their expert opinions and considering the desires, opinions, and needs of its customers. It is through this meticulous consultation process that the leaders at Arana can craft something truly special for customer's homes and buildings.

“We built Arana from the ground up to be different from other painters and painting companies. Having cut our teeth and sharpened our brushes working for other firms, we became frustrated by the 'paint by numbers' approach these companies took. For many of these painters painting is no more than a job and their employees work on autopilot. At Arana however we not only love what we do and work with passion but we are artists as well. The passion we have for painting and our artistic take on the job allow us to give home and business owners something special and something that they won't find in the work of our competitors. We understand what colors, designs, patterns, and combinations work best in a home or commercial building and when we combine our expertise with our customers needs and desires something unique is created.” said Arana Craftsman Painters Principal and Company Manager Catherine Baldi.

Arana utilizes a very simple but thorough process to deliver amazing and vibrant paint jobs. The process begins with the aforementioned consultation. During this part of the process Arana's master painters will visit a customer's home or commercial building and take everything in. These persons will take detailed notes and begin formulating ideas. They will then discuss these with their customers during a follow up meeting where they will also listen intently to opinions, mandates, needs, and desires. This open communication along with their artistic interjections is what produces fantastic results. Once colors, paint type, etc are all nailed down painting begins. Arana employs a staff of talented, experienced, and artistic painters whose skills with brushes, rollers, and sprays is matched only by their zeal for painting. Once a job is completed, Arana returns once annually to ensure both the quality and health of their work. Should any work be found to be in need of repair, the company handles the work free of charge.

Mrs. Baldi went on to add, “Getting things right the first time is everything in the painting industry. Customers don't expect and do not want to pay for mistakes. Customer service and satisfaction is everything to us here at Arana which is why we are in constant contact with our clients from start to finish. Being artists first and painters second allows us get customers excited from the onset. Our unique approach allows us to make homes warm, new again, and revitalize a business. Working with Arana means you get exactly what you want and best of'll be working with imaginative, intuitive, and expressive persons.”

About Arana Craftsman Painters

Arana Craftsman Painters serves the larger Oakland and Bay Area offering artistic painting services that provide both residences and business buildings with warmth and protection. It's quality of work and guarantee are unmatched in the industry; seeing its team return for repairs or touch ups when needed and free of charge. Furthermore, Arana believes that its customers have a right to outstanding work at a fair price. The company never suggests or recommends something its customers don't need nor does it push anything they don't want. Arana customers can expect honesty, integrity, and unmatched artistic vision.

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