Aquatic Gear Lab Picks the Best Inflatable Kayaks of 2017

Convenient to own and highly capable on the water, 2017's best inflatable kayaks will impress many, Aquatic Gear Lab reports

Kayaking has become "the most popular form of paddling" in the United States, according to a 2015 report issued by the Outdoor Foundation, Coleman, and others. With interest in the sport still growing steadily, many Americans are wondering how best to get started. A new guide at delves into an especially flexible, convenient way to enjoy kayaking. With all the best inflatable kayaks on the market in 2017 described and analyzed, the new Aquatic Gear Lab feature will be of interest to many. From leisurely afternoons spent fishing or casually drifting, to tackling whitewater rapids, today's best inflatable kayaks are impressively capable, versatile, and convenient to own, as the new Aquatic Gear Lab guide makes clear.

"Kayaking is truly a terrific sport, as so many people have already discovered," said Aquatic Gear Lab representative Pete Willard. "Even those who have experienced the rewards of kayaking by renting or other means sometimes feel that ownership would be too inconvenient. As our new feature makes clear, inflatable kayaks can be incredibly easy to store, transport, and put in the water, while delivering all the enjoyment that kayaking can bring. We think that many readers are going to find our new guide to the best inflatable kayaks for 2017 truly eye-opening."

Kayaks have been around in various forms for thousands of years, with peoples like the Aleuts, Inuit, and Yupik having long used them for hunting and transportation. In a joint "2015 Special Report on Paddlesports," the Outdoor Foundation, Coleman, Sevyloy, and Stearns found that kayaking was the single most popular form of paddle-powered boating in the United States, beating out canoeing and rafting by significant margins. With active kayakers also heading out on more outings annually than canoeists and rafters, participation in the sport had grown by nearly a third over just the three years preceding the report's publication.

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