Aquaman Pools LLC Offers Free Pool Cleaning Or A Month’s Free Service For Long Term Contracts

Aquaman Pools LLC is committed to providing the best customer service in Arizona, offering a free pool cleaning on short term contracts or a free month on long term contracts.

Having a pool is thought to be a sign of luxury, and it certainly offers plenty of opportunities to cool off and enjoy oneself in the heat of summer. With Fall here however, more people are focusing on the downsides of pool ownership than the upsides. With pools likely to lay dormant and leaves falling at an increasing pace, it’s easy for them to become filthy without regular maintenance. To prevent this, Aquaman Pools LLC are incentivizing pool owners to sign up to their pool maintenance contracts with special incentives.

For short term contracts, Aquaman Pools is willing to throw in one free pool clean that will help to clear away the chaos of Fall and allow the pool to be retired for winter. For those signing up to long term cleaning and maintenance contracts however, they are willing to offer a whole month of free services.

The new promotion is designed to make sure individuals don’t forget about their pools now that the fun part of owning one is coming to an end for the year. By signing up to a longer term contract, individuals are ensuring their pool will always be in peak condition and allows their team of dedicated professionals to take care everything, leaving owners free to simply enjoy.

A spokesperson for Aquaman Pools LLC explained, “Our free offers are subject to a few terms and conditions, but these offers nevertheless represent unbeatable value throughout the whole of Arizona for pool cleaning, and for the very best in quality of service and customer care as well. We care passionately about making sure all of our customers get the best service, and we understand why people might think about letting their pools slide over fall and winter. Doing so, however, can cost much more in the long run than regular maintenance, so we’re doing all we can to encourage people to make the right choice.”

About Aquaman Pools LLC: Aquaman Pools operate the best pool cleaning and maintenance service in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona. Aquaman Pools is the leading choice for pool service in Arizona, offering maintenance, repairs, and pool tile cleaning. Their certified technicians will ensure every pool is always at its cleanest, functioning at its best, and ready to be enjoyed at all times.

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