Aquaam Aquarium Shop Stocks The Only Japanese Round Table Birds-Eye Aquariums in the US

Aquaam features product reviews and advice from expert guest writers with over forty years of experience, and provide the latest fish keeping innovations from Japan and beyond.

Having an aquarium is a much more involved process than having a pet, and is actually closer to hobbies like growing a bonsai tree- fish keepers must cultivate the environment of the aquarium to create a microcosm of the ocean in a small glass box. Aquaam is a website that is dedicated to providing the very best products in their aquarium shop, but this comes after their commitment to giving the very best advice to fish keepers, which results in innovative discoveries such as their new round table birds-eye aquariums.

The site is also the only one in the United States stocking the latest aquarium innovations from Japan, including the bird-eye table aquariums, which offers a top down view of an aquarium integrated into a table, ideal for the home or bars and night clubs, with an illuminated water feature that provides a unique selling point for any space.

Their products are not their primary focus however, but a subsidiary to their main business of recommending the very best products to customers so they can make informed decisions about their fish keeping, and keep their fish in the best possible conditions. After spending a long time recommending products and receiving feedback that the recommended products were difficult to source, the company opened the aquarium store to stock products they recommended.

A spokesperson for Aquaam explained, “Our guest writers have over forty years of experience in fish keeping, and have kept up to date with all the latest innovations and developments, as our exclusive stocked items can attest. Under the education section of our website we have created a comprehensive resource center that features everything from rare breads of fish and aquatic creatures to flora and fauna to provide information and inspiration in helping people cultivate their aquariums like never before.”

About Aquaam:
Aquaam are dedicated fish keepers and their primary interest is in educating customers so they can make decisions that are good for them and their fish. Aquaam care just as much about the fish as they do for the customers who own them, so they never recommend products that do not have the best interests for the health and well being of the fish at heart.

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