Aptitude Software Publish Co-Sponsored Future Of Finance Function 2016 Survey

Aptitude Software, together with FSN Publishing, have created the Future of the Finance Function 2016 Survey, identifying the emerging challenges created by a rapidly evolving business sector.

Finance is integral to all business; it is the reason people do business at all. That said, in the twenty first century the challenges of finance are as complex and shifting as the rest of the landscape, and there are many businesses failing to keep pace with change. Aptitude Software (https://www.aptitudesoftware.com/) is a company that specializes in helping CFOs manage financial integration through cutting edge accounting engines. They have just published a co-sponsored survey with FSN Publishing on the future of the finance function for businesses of all scales.

The Future of the Finance Function 2016 survey offers considerable insight into the common challenges faced by Finance teams across different industries and sectors. The report is in-depth and compelling reading for anyone in the finance world. The report promises to contextualize key issues and shine a light on emerging opportunities and challenges from the rapidly changing world of modern business.

The survey will be one of the key drivers informing change in the way Aptitude Software develops its programs, as well as helping businesses get a clear handle on what major changes are on the horizon for the year ahead. Their partnership with FSN, the modern finance forum, has ensured the results will be shared far and wide.

A spokesperson for AptitudeSoftware.com explained, “Aptitude Software is pleased and proud to be able to publish the results of this comprehensive industry survey. The insights and implications are equally fascinating for businesses and service provides like us. The results have provided a clear roadmap to the kind of provisions businesses are looking for right now, and will need in the future. This is a great resource to help CFOs plan their financial strategy for the coming year, and ensure they meet challenges preparedly and head on, while also giving them the confidence to seize the opportunities arising.”

About Aptitude Software: Aptitude Software is proud of over twenty years serving CFOs, delivering financial integration, accounting engines and other solutions that drive the next generation of finance architecture. They offer expertise, innovative software products and laser-sharp focus to answer the most complex challenges on behalf of CFOs. Their customer roster now includes many of the world’s top telecommunications, banking and insurance companies.

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