APSM Announces Advanced New Cutting Technology

APSM Engineering are delighted to unveil their new Mazak Optiplex 6kw Fiber Laser, the first laser cutting and engraving machinery

APSM Engineering are delighted to unveil their new Mazak Optiplex 6kw Fiber Laser, the first laser cutting and engraving machinery of it's kind in use in the UK and across Europe. The Optiplex Nexus 6kw Fiber Laser is built with precision cutting technology that guarantees accuracy, consistency and flexibility across a wide range of jobs and processes. The Mazak Optiplex Fiber Laser delivers a laser beam directly to the cutting head via fibre optic cables, replacing more costly and far less efficient mirror systems, and ensuring a faultless result on every job. The new Optiplex laser is able to be deployed for use on a wide range of materials including ferrous and non ferrous metals, such as copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel and many others. The advanced application of this new technology also allows cutting up to a depth of 12mm with no loss of power or precision. In addition to its cutting capabilities, due to the enhanced versatility of the machine's integral technology, the Mazak Optiplex 6kw Laser can create complex and highly detailed patterns with ease, for use with all varieties of engraving and etching. The use of advanced nitrogen cutting methods, replacing the previous oxygen based techniques, will not only speed up the entire manufacturing and finishing process but it will also eliminate any problems of oxidisation, improving the finish of secondary coating processes. As a further benefit, as the cutting and engraving process can now be carried out with increased speed, this will use less energy and create a more eco-friendly cycle, reducing unnecessary wastage and cutting down on any environmental impact. The new Nexus Optiplex Fiber Laser generates a faster, more accurate, more consistent and more environmentally efficient process. Using the Nexus Optiplex Fiber Laser with it's CAM technologies and our own integrated computer systems means we have a system that can manage the most intricate and complex design and cutting operations with ease. The efficiency of the advanced machinery now offers perfect mirror smooth results for a wide variety of applications from small batch to large scale manufacture. 
Our approach as APSM Engineering has always been to offer a client focused, wrap around service from prototype to production, that aims to be flexible and centred on the needs of our customers. We offer a multi-function service, working closely with all operators and customers to ensure the delivery of each specification on time and with care. We have a working approach built on years of experience with a wide range of clients and industry specialists, allowing us to ensure a finished product of the highest quality. We also have the flexibility to work from either a wide range of existing patterns and designs, or to provide our customers with the expertise of our own dedicated in-house design team. APSM Engineering is a family run business with over twenty years of industry experience and a dedicated and skilled team of designers, engineers and machine operatives. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and vast wealth of experience in the industry and a reputation for friendly, efficient and flexible personal service.

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