Appointment Aid Launched To Manage Appointment Reminders For Small Businesses

Appointment Aid is a new way to manage appointment reminders for small businesses to keep clients up to date via all forms of communication.

Setting and managing appointments can be a real challenge, especially for small businesses where a core staff are managing multiple roles and having a full time PA or scheduler is not an option. Oftentimes this leads to chaos as appointments are inevitably cancelled or moved and someone is left out of the loop. Appointment Aid is a new kind of appointment reminder service that aims to offer a complete, robust solution to solving this challenge for small businesses by creating a single software that handles everything on behalf of the business including client interactions.

The new product is capable of sending automated appointment confirmations and reminders via phone call, text message, or email. Small businesses can therefore set appointments with clients who can confirm or cancel their appointments by email, text or call. These schedule updates are then collated and managed by the system to notify the business of any changes, creating a one-stop solution for appointment management with zero labor costs.

The software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use and supports multiple users which can be set to have different permissions and access according to scalable levels of authority. To celebrate the launch of the product and to help people understand what a difference it can make to their business, the company is offering a 30 day free trial, and has a demo available 24/7.

A spokesperson for Appointment Aid explained, “The software uses a set of clearly explained presets when communicating with clients, who can reply with a numbered response in order to update the system as to whether they have accepted or cancelled the appointment, or wish to be called by the business to reschedule. Any updates are automatically added to the calendar so that businesses can have a constant view of the current landscape of their meetings and availabilities, making scheduling easier than ever in an increasingly dynamic and flexible business world.”

About Appointment Aid:
Appointment Aid was created in 2013 by DGN Distributions, LLC. Appointment Aid is an appointment reminder service that allows small businesses to effortlessly schedule phone call, SMS text message, and Email appointment reminders for their clients. Their clients can then confirm or cancel their appointments within the automated system, updated live for both client and business.

Contact Info:
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