Urges Moms to Use Safe Baby Products

Premium quality baby products that are good for baby and Mum's. is looking forward all babies will blossom with Mum's Love.

Not all baby products are safe for infants, wants to make sure moms are keeping their babies safe and healthy.

Every new mom knows that there is a huge variety of choices when it comes to baby care products. Some are designed with a focus on how cute they are, some are designed to be the cheapest on the market. however urges moms to choose the healthiest baby products that are also safe for the world that will someday be turned over to baby’s care.

Busy, on-the-go moms, even if they are directly breastfeeding can often find themselves in situations that require them to pump breastmilk to have in case of occasional separations, if mom works away from home, or is suffering from breast engorgement or severe nipple soreness. Because of this, having the right storage solutions ready and available for mom and baby is a high priority item for every nursery inventory.

Paying particular attention to the health implications of products such as breast pumps, breastmilk storage bags or breastmilk storage bottles, cooler bags, and ice packs will assure the good health of mom, baby and the planet.
A representative from, comments, "Blossom with mum's love. AppleTree products are designed in consultation with International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) & Medical Specialists."

The healthiest choices of breastfeeding storage products include 100% BPA free glass bottles, such as premium quality milk storage bottles. Additionally eco-friendly 2 in 1 breastfeeding backpack bags are the best choice over cheaper or less environmentally conscious products. Moms can rest assured that each breast feeding products from has been designed to offer the best health for baby.

Along with the breastfeeding products offered at, every other product is stringently tested and designed for eco-friendly living and the ultimate health for mom, growing infants and the planet.

Founded and established since 2014 under Vida Life (M) Sdn Bhd., is passionate about offering the highest quality baby products that are healthy for baby and the planet.  Products such as reusable ice packs, toys, breast pump, and breast milk storage meet stringent guidelines that moms can count on throughout their babies growing years. Just as passionately, offers excellence in customer service throughout the complete order and follow up process.

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