Appiloque Invests in Pyschometric Tool Emergenetics for Improved Productivity

As COVID-19 continues to make remote working the norm, the psychometric tool Emergenetics will empower the team with essential soft skills, publishes

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work amongst companies, and this is no different for firms in Singapore. Appiloque, a Singapore-based digital marketing agency, is one of the companies that has transited to remote operations as opposed to a traditional office setting. In light of the changes, company director, Joey Wang recently announced that Appiloque has invested in a psychometric tool known as Emergenetics to empower the team with the necessary soft skills to remain engaged and productive.

Since its establishment, Appiloque has stayed true to being a progressive digital marketing agency that invests in its people. As COVID-19 continues to make remote working necessary, Appiloque has committed to fostering a positive and employee-centric workplace by investing in solutions to improve communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

Appiloque’s first initiative was to engage ConnectOne, a talent solutions consultancy firm, to conduct the Emergenetics “Meeting of the Minds” workshop. Emergenetics is a psychometric tool that aims to dissect the way in which people behave, communicate and think through a 100-item questionnaire. It measures seven key attributes that make up an individual’s profile. This consists of four thinking patterns: conceptual, analytical, structural, and social. Three behavior patterns are also included in the metric: expressiveness, assertiveness, and flexibility.

Through the workshop, the Appiloque team experienced firsthand how preferred modes of thinking and behavioral tendencies manifest in the workplace on three levels: as an individual, peer-to-peer, and as a team. The team picked up practical strategies to improve communication, better accommodate each other’s preferences, and leverage each person’s strengths to drive common goals. With the insights learned, the company is well poised for building a resilient digital marketing team in the remote working era.

“When it comes to upskilling staff, SMEs in Singapore tend to focus solely on the development of hard skills, but so much of the day-to-work is dependent on soft skills. Emergenetics arms us with the tools and strategies to develop these soft skills, which I believe will benefit each team member and also make us stronger,” affirmed Joey Wang, director of Appiloque.

About Appiloque:

Established in 2014, Appiloque is a Singapore-based digital marketing agency that drives business performance for its clients. The agency focuses on omnichannel digital strategy and implementation with services comprising of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Web Design and Development, and Digital Advertising.

With a strong belief in empowerment and innovation, Appiloque has helped a diverse range of companies navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Its portfolio of clients spans across industries such as Education, Food and Beverage, Automotive, Retail, Fashion, Construction, and B2B services.

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