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Appethyl Finally Available in the United States - Safety and Clinical Trials Examined

In response to the rapid increase of interest in Appethyl, Greg and Gina Barrett, passionate health leaders, announced today the Review of Appethyl on, their latest health website focused on organic and Non-GMO foods. This latest project is designed to assemble all the important information for individuals to make informed purchase decisions on this latest revolutionary new appetite suppressant.

Greg and Gina, who have counseled many people on nutrition and help many businesses with video promotions of their company brands and products, have begun this latest project to share the knowledge they have gained on Appethyl with a larger group of people. Pinpointing the tremendous potential the product has for those struggling with weight loss and hunger control, Gina mentioned its important feature. "This product is an extract from Spinach with nothing else added, so it is a completely natural product," according to Gina. "The thylakoids which are available from the green plant membranes are the powerhouse active constituent in this extract and responsible for the numerous benefits people have experienced."

"We are excited that Appethyl is finally available in the United States after watching it being so well received in Europe during the past year," Gina further explained. "It was so well received in Sweden, Finland and Norway during 2013 that it sold out during its first few weeks and became the number one selling supplement of any kind in the largest health store chain in Sweden during its first 2 months on the market. We see it having tremendous potential to help so many in the United States suffering with weight loss due to appetite control."

According to Greg, "Choosing a product to help with weight control can be a confusing undertaking as there are so many choices. We have wanted to simplify that decision process by providing one central resource to include information on Appethyl's effectiveness as well as safety which are all backed up by an examination of the 8 clinical trials the product has been through. also reveals where to buy Appethyl as there is currently only one retailer that has been authorized to sell the product. We have also obtained a coupon code for our readers to use on their first purchase. Our goal is to make obtaining information as well as the physical product itself simple and easy."

This informational website provides detailed information on all aspects of Appethyl and the three ways it helps curb appetite. Future plans involve the same level of information on additional beneficial foods and supplements for those interested in healthy toxin-free eating and weight control.

Consumers can visit for clinical trial research on this product as well as additional health and weight control information., based in Bozeman Montana, is poised to become a leader in information on Appethyl and similar products by providing consumers with one location for information on revolutionary products to support their active and organic food lifestyles.

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