Apofraxeis Athina Introduces New Eco-Friendly Drain Blockage Clearing System

Apofraxeis Athina has introduced a new method of cleaning home drains with an eco-friendly system using no pollutants, allowing homeowners in Attica to clear their drains quickly, cheaply and safely.

Sewerage, draining and piping may not be glamorous, but it is the single most essential contributor to people’s ability to create sprawling urban centers. Greece is known as the cradle of civilization, and has successfully managed to found many of the first cities, which continue to thrive to this day thanks largely to the efforts of plumbers. Apofraxeis Athina is a sewage, drainage and plumbing specialist in Attica, Greece, and they have developed a new way for cleaning pipes and drainage that requires no noxious chemicals, being both effective and friendly to the environment.

The company offers sewage cleaning services (http://www.apofraxeisathina.gr) throughout the whole of Attica, and they have now completely replaced their old materials with the new eco-friendly processes, which has proven just as effective in clearing blockages, build ups and contaminants as their predecessors without causing any negative impacts to the environment.

The result is an affordable, fast and effective service that is at once more beneficial to the environment than any of its competitors. The company is able to provide emergency call out services as well as scheduled appointments and can maintain, repair and replace sewerage and drainage systems as well as cleaning them.

A spokesperson for Apofraxeis Athina explained, “We are pleased to be able to announce that we have found a way to effectively replace all the astringent chemicals and hazardous materials traditionally required to keep drains clean and well maintained. We have succeeded in replacing these with sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives, many of which have been innovated just in the last couple of years. As a result, we are now able to offer the same high quality of work at the same price, while allowing our Attica clients to feel safe in the knowledge they are helping to protect the environment.”

About Apofraxeis Athina: Apofraxeis Athina is a sewage cleaning service. They specialize in offering eco-friendly services with no pollutants across the whole Attica region. They ensure that any blockages and build ups can be cleared, any contaminants can be removed and any corroded or damaged pipes can be replaced with a minimum of fuss and disruption, for an affordable price.

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Organization: Apofraxeis Athina
Phone: 0030 210 32459996
Website: http://www.apofraxeisathina.gr/

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