Aplos Systems Publishes Three Part Investigation Into Bespoke Software Economy For SMEs

Aplos Systems develops bespoke software for businesses, and has created an in-depth, three part investigation of the factors to consider regarding bespoke software, so businesses can read and make an informed decision.

Software is something we interact with on a daily basis, but most of the dedicated user experience teams work on commercial software, and not that created specifically for businesses. What’s more, business software is the jack of many trades, and idiosyncrasies in the way companies work are not often accounted for, causing operations to slow down or even grind to a halt when errors occur. Bespoke software seems like an expensive solution, but custom software developer Aplos Systems has committed to busting this myth with an in-depth investigation, with the first of three parts just published.

The first part of the investigation focuses on quantitative factors, describing the superior user experience and by extension, efficiency of the CRM programs, as well as describing the specific features that could not be accounted for by commercially available software, and how those drive up the price. Finally, the editorial discusses the cost of training staff to use the software in comparison to commercially available software or a database package.

The article is just the first in a series that will explore fully the way in which bespoke software can help companies become more efficient, and the sting has been provided up front – the company is transparent about the initial outlay, with parts two and three there to help those prepared to spend the money see just how impressive the return on investment can be.

A spokesperson for Aplos Systems explained, “We found that while bespoke software was the least economical in the short term, costing the most to develop, the savings that businesses who took the plunge experienced more than offset the initial outlay, providing the greatest return on investment thanks to efficiency savings of time, human resources and reduced error management. The second part of our series looks at things from a qualitative perspective however, demonstrating the unique advantages businesses can experience, tailored for their needs and geared towards their growth.”

About Aplos Systems: Aplos Systems’ bespoke software development enables businesses to excel to their next level of service and efficiency. Bespoke software solutions make it possible for growing businesses to utilise the benefits of a system built specifically to how their business works, creating greater efficiency and ROI. Aplos Systems software removes usability headaches, department inconsistencies, additional work and unnecessary staff costs.

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