Apira Science's iGrow Hair-Loss Treatment Device Now Approved for Sale in China

Huge, eager Chinese market will be a natural fit for company's popular, proven low-level-light hair-loss treatment system, Apira Science reports

Apira Science, Inc., announced that the company's iGrow LED and laser hair treatment system has been okayed by Chinese authorities for sale in that country. Already cleared for sale in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the European Union, India, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand, the FDA-approved iGrow uses low-level light to stimulate hair follicles and reverse hair loss. With separate published, clinical studies establishing the effectiveness of the hair restoration laser for both male and female subjects, iGrow is an appealing and increasingly popular option that Apira Science expects will be a big hit with consumers in China.

"We're proud to announce that iGrow has received approval from regulators in China and will soon be available there from our distribution partner China Central Pharmaceuticals," Apira Science representative Patrick Warren said, "This is an important milestone for us and another great advance for people around the world who are experiencing hair loss. We think men and women in China are going to be just as enthusiastic about iGrow as people in all of our other markets have been so far."

With root causes ranging from genetic factors to autoimmune diseases and fungal infections, hair loss can be an especially challenging problem to come to grips with. By the age of 50, around 85% of all men will have experienced significant hair loss or obvious thinning, with about half of all women facing the same fate. Because hair loss is often so noticeable and intimately tied to self-esteem, those affected seek out help with a notable eagerness, spending, for example, nearly $2 billion on hair transplants in one recent year in the United States alone.

Apira Science's iGrow low-level light therapy system is an innovative and effective way of addressing this common problem. Using a proprietary mix of low-power lasers and LEDs that emit light of around 650 billionths of a meter in wavelength, the system stimulates the hair-producing cells of the scalp. Over time, increased levels of the fuel ATP within follicles treated in this way allow them to more effectively create strands of hair, even among those that had formerly ceased production.

As a pair of published, peer-reviewed studies at the Apira Science website show, regular iGrow treatments can slow and then reverse hair loss in both men and women. With a full 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration, the iGrow has been shown to enable up to a 35% increase in hair growth, while only requiring a single affordable investment into the equipment.

Given iGrow's effectiveness and great popularity in North America and other markets where the device is now available, Apira Science representatives expect the product to be similarly successful in China. Those interested in what iGrow has to offer can learn more at www.iGrowLaser.com.

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