Apex Expeditions Proudly Announces Their 2015 Expedition Portfolio

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Apex Expeditions reports guests undertake a unique travel experience in one of the world's most exotic locations, finding the endangered and elusive while doing so

Apex Expeditions proudly announces the opening of bookings for various travel experiences in 2015. Individuals searching for a new challenge find these tours to be exactly what they need as the tours take participants to fascinating places to see endangered, elusive, and hard to find species. One need look no further than Apex Expeditions (www.apex-expeditions.com) when planning an exotic vacation.

"From Ethiopia to Madagascar, one finds they can travel to exotic locations with ease, under the guidance of an experienced field leader. Choose from a range of expeditions, including an expedition to the end of the world, often referred to as Patagonia, or a tiger safari that takes one through Nepal and India. Some choose to stay closer to home and participate in the Land of the Spirit Bears expedition in Canada. There's an adventure designed for every traveler," Carmin Arnot, President of Apex Expeditions, declares.

Apex Expeditions stands out from other adventure tours in the experience of the field leaders. Each is an expert in his or her field, and all have an unrivaled passion and appetite for sharing not only their knowledge, but also the magic and excitement to be found in these exotic locations. This team consists of ornithologists, explorers, adventurers, and naturalists, yet all are committed to delivering the best travel experience available today.

"Individuals choosing to make use of Apex Expeditions find their lives are enriched through their interactions with the team members. One exits the experience with a better understanding of the planet, the changes it is undergoing, and the threats it is currently facing. It's a life changing experience in every way," Arnot continues.

The company remains committed to protecting the environment at all times and does more than just talk about this. Team members share a desire and vision to have a positive impact on the world, while giving back to it in some way, and work to preserve the integrity of the planet, the various destinations, the people in these exotic locations, and the animals being tracked.

"To achieve this goal, Apex Expeditions supports destination-specific conservation programs established to preserve the local ecology and economy. Team leaders engage with local people, being careful to respect and celebrate their unique culture while preserving their wilderness areas. The company strives to be part of a healthy, sustainable future, and participating in the conservation programs is a great way to do this. Apex Expeditions and all team members are proud of their contributions to this great planet," Arnot proclaims.

About Apex Expeditions:

Apex Expeditions provides culturally and biologically unique travel adventures which are designed to allow participants to explore the most fascinating places found on the globe. Apex Expeditions remains passionate about true exploration and committed to better understanding the ever-changing and increasingly threatened planet. Field leaders strive to find endangered, hard to find, and elusive species while on these expeditions, yet tread lightly and interact with participants to share their experience and knowledge, leaving participants infused with the leader's passion.

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