Anyone can be hypnotised into being wealthy, says International Abundance Hypnotherapist Anastasia Gerali

UK Clinical Hypnotherapist launches program aimed at female entrepreneurs that promises a new financial future

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Abundance Activator, Anastasia Gerali is excited to announce the launch of 'You Can Have It All Manifestation Program'. This is for female entrepreneurs and professionals who are struggling to rise to the next financial bracket personally and professionally. The fact that 25.8% of businesses in the UK are female-owned and 31% in the US, both a growing percentage, shows that it’s time for women to step into the 2% of the wealthiest people in the world.

‘It has been proven that abundant women give back to their community and to organizations they believe in. We bless others when we are thriving. It’s in our nature to share,’ says Anastasia.

‘The reason I want to support women and help them raise themselves to the next income bracket, and beyond, is because I know it has a ripple effect into the lives of our communities, and future generations too. I don’t know many women who have managed to build generational wealth and it’s time we change that.’

Anastasia’s 'You Can Have It All Manifestation Program' is designed to raise the wealth consciousness of an individual and expand their ability to generate and manage more money. ‘Most self-made millionaires will lose money and even businesses in their lives, maybe even multiple times. This is because they have an old outdated operating system when it comes to working with money. This comes down to upbringing, personal experiences and Money EQ and Money IQ.’

Anastasia is a serial entrepreneur, having set up three fashion brands and successfully sold her last one after a 19month relaunch, Anastasia is all too familiar with the struggles of entrepreneurship. ‘I suffered from burnout and depression when I lost my business, home and my marriage ended in 2016. That was the year I committed to finding a new formula and getting to the bottom of this survival pattern.’

Not only did Anastasia get to the bottom of the pattern, but completely redesigned her life by rewiring her wealth consciousness and now she helps other female entrepreneurs do the same. After Anastasia discovered a secret formula to having it all, she successfully reprogrammed herself to make six-figures within six months, met and married the man of her dreams and launched a thriving business.

The official launch of 'You Can Have It All Manifestation Program' is Friday 1st October 2021.
During the launch of the new program, there will be promotions including free clarity calls to find out what the block is keeping you stuck within a certain financial bracket.

“This is an exciting era where we can have, do and be anything, so why not be the wealthiest, healthiest most abundant version of you?! I’ve tried it all, from courses, to coaches, to different business strategies, and I’ve had all the wins and the losses in business and life. Results were unsustainable without my constant effort. Nothing compares to reprogramming yourself on a cellular level to thrive, and Rapid Abundance Healing Hypnosis does so like no other modality. You simultaneously heal the past traumas and close paradigms, while expanding yourself into your next level and collapse timelines between where you are and where you want to be. This formula works and I want to share it!” – Anastasia Gerali

One client said “Using the tools and strategies Anastasia teaches, I’ve manifested a £10k grant towards a lifelong dream to write and produce my own play! She's helped me change my life beyond measure.’

Company info: Anastasia Gerali International Ltd was founded in December 2019 by Anastasia Gerali. Bringing a fully integrated and powerful multi-dimensional holistic approach and trauma-informed therapy to actualizing desired results for women around the world.

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