ANTX spreading awareness on space exploration and helping users to earn.

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ANTX is a space-exploration themed community token to create awareness among masses about the various space missions happening across the world while helping users earn more by creating real-life products and services that can be utilised in their daily lives.

Antariksh (ANTX) is a decentralized hyper-deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network. During a market research, it was found that one of the major barriers stopping the entry of new investors, liquidation or withdrawal of investor funds from cryptocurrency was due to the high gas-fee on the other blockchain. BSC network was chosen to be used as it is one of the most secure blockchain networks in the market and with the capacity to handle more transactions per minute leading to a decrease in gas fee.

ANTX token is minted to have a maximum total supply of 30 trillion with the presale of 5 trillion tokens. With every space-mission worldwide, ANTX tokens will be burned to control market inflation but also to spread positive awareness regarding all these space programs. Every transaction entails a 10% fee, out of which 6% will be reflected to users in the form of ANTX token which means users are able to earn more ANTX by just holding ANTX in their personal wallets.

From the space map, users are able to track the progression of the project and the end goal of it. At the current progression for this project, ANTX has already achieved a market cap valuation of $3 Million with more than 1700 holders. In addition to this, ‘ANTX Cash’ was launched on 28th October for the Indian community where users are able to directly withdraw money to their Paytm wallets in exchange for their ANTX token.

“This will be a huge breakthrough in India as it will allow users to withdraw fiat money while skipping the multi-step transfer and extra transaction fees on each step” said a spokesperson of the team. “The team is pleased to inform users that with the ANTX Cash service launched, we have initiated the next phase of the token development which is creating a real world utilization of the token.”

Moreover, ANTX Pay would be targeted to launch soon and this will allow users around the world to purchase most popular giftcards in exchange for their ANTX tokens. Another huge milestone for this project would be coming in 2022 with the launch of their very own ANTX NFT Marketplace where a wide range of artists would be able to buy or sell their artwork through ANTX. Users can also look forward to the launch of ANTX De-centralized Exchange in 2022.

About ANTX

Antariksh (ANTX) is a community driven project platform where the team pledge to play their part in the development of an ever-increasing blockchain community. The Sanskrit word ‘Antariksh’ loosely translates to ‘the space between earth and other celestial bodies’. The team's goal is to cultivate, encourage and strengthen ANTX community’s engagement in the crypto market and providing a platform for upcoming generations of investors. Some of the values the team at ANTX represent are awareness and utilities, community, trust, transparency and charity.

Contact Info:
Name: Siddharth Gupta
Email: Send Email
Organization: Antariksh (ANTX)
Phone: 9086356874

Release ID: 89050823

Name: Siddharth Gupta
Email: Send Email
Organization: Antariksh (ANTX)