Antler Farms Leads The Way In Deer Antler Velvet Supplements With New Product Range

Antler Farms product line provides more ways to receive the benefits of deer velvet.

Deer velvet is known for having many beneficial effects for the human body. With high levels of naturally occurring growth factors and many other active nutrients, it can improve general health, boost athletic performance and speed recovery. Antler Farms is the industry leader in deer velvet supplements and has a broad range of products, including the world’s only 100% pure capsule that uses only the high yielding parts of an antler.

The capsules are made using the top grade, premium deer velvet tips, uppers and middles ( ) with no adulterants, additives, fillers or binders. With a robust 500mg per capsule and whopping 180 capsules per bottle, Antler Farms aims to give consumers the best value for high quality products when compared to its competitors in today’s market.

The company also offers deer antler spray and tablets, containing highly concentrated, unmatched 75:1 deer antler extract. The extracts are processed carefully to maintain and increase efficacy using a proprietary method. With fast sublingual delivery and extremely high absorption, these products provide a quick, easy way for customers to administer deer velvet on a daily basis and achieve optimal results in the shortest period of time.

A spokesperson for Antler Farms explained, “Antler Farms is proud to be able to make available the highest quality deer antler velvet in a wide variety of formats, each of which is better suited to a particular application or set of requirements as set out by our many users. With the premium, 100% pure antler velvet we are sending a message to all our customers that our deer are raised so healthily, and our practices so stringent, that the raw and unadulterated material itself can be consumed safely and to maximum effect, without any form of processing. This will garner the most impressive results yet, and its benefits are unquestionable.”

About Antler Farms: Antler Farms® produces the best deer antler velvet in the world. Antler Farms® deer antler velvet is made in the rolling hills of beautiful New Zealand, home to a robust herd of red deer (Cervus elaphus). All deer are free to roam the land and graze on natural pasture. As a result, Antler Farms® produces the purest, cleanest velvet deer supplements on the market, collected from antibiotic free, growth hormone free red deer.

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