Announcing the Launch of Foul Balls, New Weight Loss and Fitness Review Site

New site will provide in-depth, unbiased reviews of top weight-loss and fitness programs along with updates on fitness industry news, Foul Balls reports

Foul Balls, a new site focusing on reviews of weight loss programs and related information, has launched at The site's launch includes a number of in-depth reviews and guides, including detailed takes on the popular Venus Factor and Shaun T25 weight loss programs. Founded and operated by a team of fitness industry veterans dedicated to providing useful, no-nonsense information, Foul Balls will maintain a focus on providing the most reliable and accurate weight-loss program reviews available anywhere.

"We are thrilled to be able to announce the opening of our new weight-loss site, Foul Balls, to visitors," Foul Balls representative Barb Johnson said, "and, right off the bat, we have some great content that is going to be a big help to those trying to lose weight." With over 100 million people in the United States alone going on diets or otherwise trying to lose weight every year, the worldwide weight loss industry is a large and growing one. American dieters, for example, spent over $20 billion annually on diet books, supplements, and surgeries in recent years, according to an ABC News study.

Figures of that sort mean that there is a wealth of choice when it comes to dieting programs and plans. Unfortunately, figuring out just which of these is worth dedicating money and time to can be difficult, since objective, independent analysis as to which work best is often hard to come by. Foul Balls was founded to help fill this gap, as the site's founders recognized the need for a source of high-quality, in-depth diet program reviews and resolved to provide a service that had previously been lacking on the web.

Toward that end, the launch of Foul Balls includes reviews of a pair of the most talked-about and popular diet programs at the present time. One review delves into the potential of the Venus Factor, a women-focused diet program created and offered by well-known nutritionist and personal trainer John Barban. Foul Balls reviewers found that the Venus Factor can make for an effective and practical option for women looking to lose weight, particularly insofar as the exercise requirements it entails may be easier to work into busy lives than those of many competing programs.

Another of the reviews on the just-launched site tackles the Shaun T25 workout and weight-loss program created by Shaun Thompson, a prominent name in the industry responsible for such high-profile programs as the Insanity Workout and Hip Hop Abs. Foul Balls reviewers praised the well-rounded, comprehensive nature of the new Shaun T25 program, characterizing it as a viable and rewarding option for a wide variety of potential participants.

In addition to providing in-depth, independent reviews of this sort, Foul Balls will also keep readers up to date with the latest fitness and weight-loss news through the Foul Balls Blog, a separate section that addresses timely topics. All of the Foul Balls offerings are available free of charge to visitors, and the new site will be updated with fresh, relevant content on a continuing basis.

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One of the web's leading resources for in-depth, practical weight-loss program reviews, Foul Balls combines independence of perspective with a focus on delivering useful, realistic insights.

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