Announcing Release of Dr. Frederick’s Original Half Toe Sleeves Max

The doctor-owned company specializes in products that relieve the minor pain that can put a major wrinkle in your everyday.

Pain from the ball of your feet is a day-stopper. Even minor pain can prevent you from completing daily tasks like taking a stroll around the neighborhood, watering your lawn, enjoying time with your family. When the balls of your feet hurt, it can distracts from your entire life.

“At Dr. Frederick’s Original, we believe that minor pain can be a major bummer,” says founder and owner Dr. Frederick. “When a simple product can relieve everyday pain, you can get back to the original you.”

Many customers have really loved our half toe sleeves, so we made them even better! Our new, extra-comfortable Half Toe Sleeves are more comfortable than ever before – so we call them the 'Max' edition! With just the click of a mouse, pain relief will arrive at your home in as little as two days.

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“Our design is thoughtful and functional. The bottom of the sleeves are more cushioned than ever before, and the top is more durable than the previous version,” Frederick said. “We’ve made this product just right, so you can stop worrying about foot pain and start getting back to what really matters to you.”

Dr. Frederick’s Original was founded by doctors. We’re knowledgeable about the pain relief options that exist, and we use that information to design and source the best non-invasive solutions for you. Minor pain, the kind that’s not easily diagnosed or solved through surgery or medication, can be the most debilitating. When you can’t find a solution to pain and discomfort that plagues you daily, it can take over your life.

“Losing control of your daily life because of pain is a terrible feeling,” Frederick said. “You’re not just in pain, you’re also unable to do the things you love and the work you depend on. With our medical expertise, we’ve designed the products you need to regain control and get back to the original you.”

Our new Half Toe Sleeves Max, as well as a range of other pain relief products, are now available on Amazon. At Dr. Frederick’s Original, your pain relief and satisfaction are our highest priority. With our products, you can Get Back to the Original You.

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