Announcing New "One Man's Opinion" Market Feature From Ulli Niemann

In a volatile, roller coaster ride stock market, everyone can gain the advantage by knowing what a solid facts-and-figures analysis says about the market, its long-term trends, and its likely movements.

The growth environment is getting better, and it may surprise in terms of its strength. As that happens, the Fed is going to get a little bit more concerned about their policy, said David Joy, Chief Market Strategist at Ameriprise Financial. The market is going to anticipate that inflation is going to rise a little bit. Clearly the Fed is in a shifting mode and, as a result, equities are going to struggle when the liquidity environment starts to deteriorate despite an improved operating environment, he observed.

That is one man’s opinion, a new weekly segment added to the successful, The ETF Bully Insights into ETF Investing Newsletter. The ETF Bully Insights into ETF Investing is a daily newsletter with “One Man’s Opinion” being featured every Sunday. Everyone can receive Ulli’s Newsletter at The Sunday feature will consist of opinions of industry and financial leaders. Opinions, that are fun, educational and entertaining, and insightful, with one featured opinion each Sunday.

Ulli Niemann, author of the e-book "How to beat the S&P 500…with the S&P 500" as seen on CBS News,and covered in the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle and other media worldwide. Everyone can download their free copy here.

Ulli provides a rare blend of European sensibility, engineering practicality and American ingenuity to bring a new level of reliability to the often erratic environment of investing. He has applied his intelligence and creativity to refining a dependable method of tracking and working successfully with market trends, and he brings a genuine caring for people to his service as an investment advisor.

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