Announcing Mommy Doge – A Hyper Evolution of Dogecoin Targeted at Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

Men dominate the world, and their dominance has spread to the crypto world. However, that narrative is about to change as the world's first cryptocurrency token focusing on women, and the gender equality movement hits the Binance smart chain network

The cryptocurrency community is populated by those who are, at best, a bit macho. It sometimes seems as though there are no women trading cryptocurrency. While gender equality and women empowerment remain a core struggle for women globally, Mommy Doge is a cryptocurrency token bringing the struggle into the crypto world.

Mommy Doge has one mission which is to make gender equality a part of the cryptocurrency agenda. While the world guns for financial freedom and a decentralized economy, the creators of Mommy Doge aim to make gender equality a focus as th world gravitates towards the crypto agenda. The core purpose of Mommy Doge is to make cryptocurrency fun, safe, and accessible for everyone while helping to protect women's rights.

Launched in July 2021, the Mommy Doge token is fully decentralized, hyper deflationary, and environmentally friendly. The tokens value grew by 1,000,000% within 24 hours after launch.

The coin follows the pattern of Elon Musk's owned cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, but Mommy Doge believes it is a better version than DOGE. Some of the features of the new cryptocurrency include:

1. 10x faster block speed than Dogecoin
2. Environmentally friendly as it is built on the Binance Smart Chain
3. 1000x cheaper fees
4. superior token metrics and
5. Most memeable coin on the crypto market, to mention a few.

From all indications, not only is Mommy Doge a hyper evolution of Dogecoin, it is bound to succeed in its mission to promote women's rights, gender equality, and women empowerment. Furthermore, the coin, which is already in the first phase of its creation, will see the building of an ecosystem with cool new concepts such as holding rewards and a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for creative creators. It will also feature a token launch pad, community voting, and many more ideas users can vote on.

Precautionary measures put in place to ensure Mommy Doge gets to the moon includes a 10 percent sales tax which would cushion the effects of bots trading schemes, a hyper-deflationary burn rate that makes Mommy Doge a bit scarcer with every transaction, and an anti-scam and rug pull system that ensures liquidity and marketing wallets are save by locking them for many months.

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