Animalland - A metaverse play-to-earn game of the crypto universe in 2022

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NFT Games has become globally viral since 2017. Now, millions of players have formed groups, draw other interests to play NFT Games. Some prominent names can be mentioned such as: Axie Infinity, My Crypto Heroes, etc.

NFT is an acronym for "A Non-Fungible Token", roughly translated as "Code that cannot be modified". As a digital form, a tokenized token on the blockchain represents a unique commodity.

Usually, virtual items in the game are only kept in the player's inventory. However, it is completely opposite when it comes to NFT Games, each item or virtual asset is a NFT code and players can trade this item with others or bring it to the exchange to earn profit.

NFT play-to-earn games give players the opportunity to generate income through playing games such as: Doing in-game quests, collecting rare items, etc. From here, players will be rewarded with tokens and sometimes NFT, the longer players play, the more money they can earn. Earning tokens is part of the game creation process.

Animal Land is one of NFT games running on the Binance Smart Chain platform, inspired by the Pokémon game that has become a global phenomenon.

Game-play is built heading toward virtual reality metaverse in which players can freely fight, collect, raise and build their own kingdom on land for pets.

At AnimalLand, players are allowed to use Animal Characteristics – creatures in the game to fight, collect and nurture. Each Animal Characteristics will have different characteristics so that players can easily decide their role in each of their matches.

Each NFT is designed in 5 levels: Regular, Common, Rare, Ancient, Legendary. Each level will consume different amounts of energy in the battle, as well as give different rewards.

NFT games will have 4 types of stats: Health, Attack dame, Speed and Point.

Health: This stat shows how much damage your NFT character can take before being killed in battle.

Attack dame: This is the basic damage index, demonstrating the attack ability of each NFT, this stat combined with NFT's skills will cost damage to defeat the opponent.

Speed: This indicator determines the order of attacks in turn. The faster NFT character will attack first. Speed also helps the NFT reduce the chance of being a victim to a critical hit.

Point: This indicator illustrates the ability to earn rewards, this index is proportional to the amount of tokens the player will receive after each battle.

Besides building attractive Gameplay with many interesting features like Breeding or marketplace, the creators of Animalland are especially interested in in-game finance.

Token ANIMA is used as the main transaction currency, players will receive Anima after each battle, or as a reward for participating in in-game events.

In order to avoid inflation, which has destroyed many other NFT games, the publisher has launched a token burning mechanism and a series of features using ANIMA such as stacking, lending & borrowing, market fee, etc. with tokenimic carefully designed by a team of leading experts to help ensure that the supply of ANIMA is always scarce – this is also an outstanding point of Animalland compared to other NFT games released at the same time.

Animalland is gradually perfecting the product as it shows that they have worked with many partners over time and closely followed the progress outlined in the roadmap. With attractive Gameplay, experienced development team in many related fields, Animalland will surely make great strides and breakthroughs in the near future.

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