Angie Davis Warns Against Criticizing The Biggest Loser Winner for Dramatic Weight Loss

The Slim Down Diva, Angie Davis, warns that criticism of The Biggest Loser winner Rachel Fredrickson for her dramatic weight loss misses the point. The better questions to ask are whether she is healthy and happy.

Angie Davis, better known as the Slim Down Diva, uses her blog to urge women to take a practical look at The Biggest Loser’s winner Rachel Frederickson’s dramatic weight loss. “Anyone who is questioning whether Rachel’s lost too much weight is missing the point,” explains the Slim Down Diva. “It’s better to focus on her health and happiness.”

Rachel, who is featured on the cover of People, told the magazine, “I am very, very healthy … I just love myself and I’m embracing it.” When asked for a comment by Us Weekly Rachel gushed, “Oh gosh, I just see a strong, confident woman. And I feel great. I’ve never felt this great, and it’s very exciting.

Unfortunately, Rachel has faced a storm of backlash from those who think that she’s gone too far with her weight loss. People reported that even her trainer has questioned whether her weight loss is too much.

“What’s important is that you become a healthier version of you,” says Angie, the Slim Down Diva. “Don’t let others dictate how you should look or the person you should be. Rachel had a goal and she achieved it. She says she’s a lot happier. I know I was happier after reaching my weight-loss goal.”

Before she became the Slim Down Diva, Angie was a self-described “big girl” for most of her life. As a yo-yo dieter, she would go on a diet and lose 10 pounds only to gain back 20 pounds. For a long time she told herself it was OK to be overweight and dressed in black to cover up her body.

Now she writes a blog to encourage other women to follow a healthy and happy lifestyle. “There is no magic pill for losing weight. It takes both diet and exercise. The process isn’t pretty, but it can be done,” explains Angie. “The battle is between your ears. It doesn’t matter when you start, or even if you stumble. What matters is that you don’t give up. Just push through.”

The Slim Down Diva encourages women interested in transforming their lives by losing weight, getting healthy, and unleashing their diva. To be inspired by her story, visit She is also available for speaking engagements.

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