AngelHeart is a tech ecosystem with multiple independent projects aiming at rewarding token holders and helping charity causes. introduces the brand’s token under the name of AHT (AngelHeart Token).

The AngelHeart token will use Binance Smart chain technology, mainly due to its superior dependability and lower gas fees. AngelHeart has also announced that the brand will develop its unique blockchain in the near future.

The token is based on the deflationary model, and it will feature a fully decentralized exchange platform.

“The amount of token emitted will always be lower than the amount of token burned to effectively make it a deflationary token. Angelheart will have a unique decentralized exchange to allow you to swap and add liquidity to tokens.”

The four independent projects that comprise the AngelHeart ecosystem are meant to empower AHT, as well as to enable the brand to reward token holders and contribute to affiliated charities:

“AHT is the token for the AngelHeart project. This project will feature a vibrant ecosystem composed of CryptoEdge, WebsitesIQ, DesignsIQ, and Varoo3D. These independent projects will help ensure real revenue streams to power the Angel Heart ecosystem's ambitious goals to provide charity as well as reward token holders through profit sharing, staking and farming our tokens which are backed by real tech projects.”

CryptoEdge, the brand’s second project, delves into the field of top-shelf analytic tools for cryptocurrencies and stocks; WebsitesIQ, the third project, is AngelHeart’s independent tech project focused on app development; the fourth project under the name of DesignsIQ is committed to providing digital tools for creating logos, social media mockups, banners, and posters.

Varoo3D, the fifth project, is a 3D generator tailor-made for companies and businesses within 3D and E-commerce industries. revealed that AHT tokens will also serve philanthropic purposes. The brand is working to develop unique non-fungible tokens, and part of the proceeds of sold NFTs is meant to be donated to affiliated charities and token holders.

AHT will be listed in the second quarter of 2021 on PancakeSwap without a presale. In the third quarter of 2021, AHT Burns will begin increasing the token’s value. By the end of 2021, Cryptoedge will allow users to swap tokens, Stake, buy, and sell.

The final stage of AngelHeart projects concerning 2021 involved DesignsIQ. With designsIQ users will be able to create logos, social media presentations, and banners, which is meant to provide an additional outlet for revenue for the AHT ecosystem.

AngelHeart has announced another project called Varoo3D for the first quarter of 2022. Varoo3D will be a 3D model generator with an array of innovative features that could be utilized in numerous 3D-based projects.

The estimated supply of AngelHeart tokens will be 1 Trillion. 98% of the total supplies will be locked for an extented amount of time to ensure no whales can buy a large amount of tokens and dump later to small investors.

More information on AngelHeart and AHT can be found on the brand’s official website.

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