Angel In My Attic Creates Treasured Wedding And Birthday Cake Toppers

Angel In My Attic promotes their bespoke cake toppers that are realistic down to the finest detail.

Traditional cake toppers feature the bride in a long, white wedding dress and the groom wearing a black morning suit. Other toppers are offered, but often they don't reflect the couple actually being married. "With the help of Angel In My Attic (, couples now have the option of creating a cake topper which looks like them, down to the smallest detail," Jo Adamson of Angel In My Attic declares.

Angel In My Attic understands that many couples getting married now bring a ready-made family with them and creates cake toppers featuring the bride and groom, children and pets. No two families are alike and the bespoke cake toppers reflect this. "Create a cake topper with a bride and groom, pets or children or combine all three into one topper which reflects the family being created. Cake toppers can be made with a bride and groom and up to four kids or pets. Contact Angel In My Attic if a more detailed topper is needed and we'll work to accommodate all requests," Ms. Adamson states.

To preserve the cake topper for years to come, consider purchasing a base to hold the topper. Many couples choose to combine a wooden or acrylic base with a display dome to ensure the topper looks as good on the fiftieth wedding anniversary as it did on the couple's wedding day. Each topper created is unique and will be treasured for years to come," Ms. Adamson continues.

Children love the cake toppers and parents can choose to have a birthday cake topper made for a loved one. "Imagine the look on a child or friend's face when the cake is displayed and the topper looks just like the birthday celebrant. It's a day they will remember for years to come and the cake topper can be used repeatedly," Ms. Adamson goes on to say.

When ordering a cake topper, the client receives a questionnaire to obtain the details needed to create the cake topper. This includes the hair color of each person to be created, the skin color and details concerning the outfits being worn by cake topper figures. Angel In My Attic also requires information on hair styles, facial hair, earrings, hair adornments, bouquets and more. Clients should include a photo whenever possible to ensure the details are accurate. "The more detailed the descriptions, the more likely a client is to obtain a cake topper that is realistic in every detail which is always the goal of Angel In My Attic. Visit to see samples of prior work as every visitor is sure to be impressed," Ms. Adamson exclaims.

About Angel In My Attic:
Angel In My Attic produces custom made, one-of-a-kind toppers for wedding cakes. Each topper looks like the bride and groom down to the smallest detail, including individual accessories. In addition to the bride and groom, family members, pets and the bridal party may be memorialized with these toppers. Clients choose to add any additions to their cake topper as it is their special day. Clients receive options when purchasing the toppers such as mounting toppers to a wooden base or purchasing a glass display dome for the toppers. Angel In My Attic creates each topper to customer specifications, making this a unique wedding item which will be treasured for years to come.

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