Andy Fine, MD Discusses Differences in Primary Care and Family Practice Medicine

Andy Fine, MD, a respected primary care internal medicine practitioner in Littleton, Colorado, discusses the differences in primary care and family practice medicine and how his office cares for patients with a variety of health issues.

Andy Fine, MD, has been practicing primary care internal medicine in Littleton, Colorado, for more than 15 years. During that time, he has come to understand that many people are unsure what type of doctor they need for their own care. Many adults, for example, assume that a family care physician is the right choice, when what they may actually need is an internist.

“A doctor of internal medicine, such as myself, can serve as a primary care physician just like a family care doctor,” notes Dr. Fine. “However, our purposes are very different. Internal medicine physicians are specialists who have spent several years of postgraduate training working with complex medical cases in order to learn to properly diagnose and treat them.”

Often called the “doctor’s doctor,” internists are frequently called upon to act as consultants to other doctors to help them answer puzzling health questions about their patients. Doctors who are internists may act as primary care physicians, which means they are the first line of defense when a patient becomes ill before being referred to a specialist. However, they usually do not work in the fields of pediatrics, obstetrics or surgery.

“As a doctor of internal medicine, I take my role very seriously in developing strong relationships with my patients over time,” notes Dr. Fine. “Many adults benefit from having an internal medicine doctor as their primary care physician because we may be able to more easily diagnose and treat much more complicated and complex illnesses than general practitioners. However, to me the most important part of being an internist is ensuring that I can serve the totality of my patients’ health needs, whether they need preventative care or emergency care.”

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About Andy Fine, MD: Andy Fine, MD, practices primary care internal medicine in the Littleton, Colorado area. For more than 15 years, Dr. Fine and his staff have been delivering quality care to the residents of this area, particularly adults with complex medical issues. Dr. Fine accepts most insurance and takes new patients on a regular basis.

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