Andy Fine, MD, Discusses Care of Complex Medical Issues

Andy Fine, MD, discusses the type of care required for complex medical issues and how a doctor of internal medicine may be able to help.

For many patients with complex medical issues, it is difficult to find a primary care doctor who understands their overall health. Andy Fine, MD, a doctor of internal medicine, explains why having an internist as a primary care physician may be the best way to find a doctor who can treat the whole patient rather than focusing on single health issues.

“Finding a primary care physician that you know and trust is very important,” he notes. “As a primary care physician myself, I understand that this doctor is the first line of defense for most people, especially when they find themselves suddenly ill. However, that does not mean that you should choose a doctor who is not familiar with your health history or ongoing conditions you may be battling.”

Instead, he says that patients should choose a primary care physician who can address the totality of their health, particularly if they have several conditions that can impact each other. “A diabetic patient who also suffers from COPD and migraines needs a doctor who understands how all of these conditions combine to create certain unique health challenges,” he says. This may require the help of a physician such as a doctor of internal medicine who is used to dealing with these types of challenges.

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About Andy Fine, MD: Andy Fine, MD, practices primary care internal medicine in the Littleton, Colorado area. For more than 15 years, Dr. Fine and his staff have been delivering quality care to the residents of this area, particularly adults with complex medical issues. Dr. Fine accepts most insurance and takes new patients on a regular basis.

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