Android Apps in Apple Trackers Enhance User Safety

Apple has finally released the Tracker Detect app for Android devices. The application serves the purpose of detecting unwanted tracking hardware placed on users by others. This app could be key if you play in real money online casinos on the street. Someone could notice your balance, and they could attempt to track you. Top 300 Welcome Bonus Casino for gamblers can be tracked by strangers too.

Ever since the release of AirTags in April 2021, Android users haven't been able to properly benefit from the security features that come included with the respective iOS apps. The new app helps users detect whether they’re being tracked by someone else. It is designed for those who don’t own an iPhone or an iPad.

Tracker Detect Comes at a Crucial Time

The app responds to critical user security concerns. Prior to its release, users needed to rely on third-party apps to know whether they were being tracked with an AirTag or another “Find My” device. Now, users can download Tracker Detect to find any hardware placed nearby or on them as long as it works with the network.

The release of AirTags was followed by an array of security concerns, as noted by users in social media. According to an article published in mass media, it is “frighteningly easy” to stalk someone using an AirTag. Tracker Detect is meant to work with any device that uses the Find My network. However, Apple has acted swiftly to release the app mainly because of safety issues with their own tracker hardware. The technology giants have also taken other steps to prevent stalking with their tracking products:

  • The number of hours for an alarm to ring when an untracked device is nearby has been decreased from 72 to 8.
  • New warnings and proactive alarms have been implemented to promptly warn users of potential dangers.

How the Android App Works

The Android app for Apple trackers may not have the highest of ratings in the Play Store but it provides a crucial security tool like for users that couldn’t originally access such features. Its current 1.0 version barely takes 19MB of your phone’s storage space, which means that the app is far from cumbersome space-wise.

Fans of real money online casinos will love that the app comes in handy both in terms of security as well as in how little space it takes on the phone’s storage. It leaves enough room for casino apps to be installed while massively improving the user experience with its safety features. Some more information about casino apps is always available on TechShali.

The piece of software is also extremely simple to use. All you need to make it work as intended is to follow these steps:

  1. Use the Tracker app to scan for nearby devices.
  2. If a device that doesn’t belong to your network is found, then it’ll show on your screen as an “Unknown AirTag”.
  3. You should keep checking the app for a few minutes to make sure that the device is still there. It could belong to someone nearby.
  4. If, after 10 minutes, the Unknown AirTag remains within range, you’ll be able to play a sound on the device to detect it.

Apple does note, however, that it could take up to 15 minutes for the device to be separated from its owner before it shows up on the app. That leaves a short time window for an ill-intentioned individual to make a move.

Why is Tracker Detect so Poorly Rated by Users?

Paying a quick visit to the Play Store and opening the app will show a flurry of negative user reviews. The app has a very poor rating of just 2.2 stars at the moment of writing this article. As good as the app is for safety reasons, there are some issues with it that make the user experience worse than expected.

  • The app does not scan for nearby devices automatically. Hence, it won’t detect a stalker without the user entering the app. Android owners have to manually scan for nearby devices to find them.
  • Some users have reported that the app doesn’t work as intended.
  • As per other reviews in the Android app store, some people seem to have misread and failed to understand that the Tracker app will only show devices that have been away from their owners for more than 10 minutes.

Key Security Features of Tracker Detect for Android

The base version of the tracker app comes with a very comprehensive set of features that enhance security from the moment the user installs it. Some of the app’s key features are as follows:

  • The app is compatible with any device supported with the Find My network, which includes the aforementioned AirTag and the also popular Chipolo ONE spot.
  • Tracker Detect works with any device that functions with the network – even if it isn’t an Apple product.
  • Should the app detect that a nearby device is moving with the user for more than 10 minutes, an option to play a sound will appear on the screen.
  • Tracker Detect does not work as a way to detect AirTags that are already associated with an Apple account.
  • Users don’t need to have an Apple account to make the Tracker app work. Everyone can download the application and scan for nearby devices if they feel endangered.
  • The tracker app lacks an automated detection system. This has been a major cause of concern for active users.
  • If the AirTag is in lost mode, users will be able to tap it and get given a list of steps to understand how to return it to the owner. Encrypted communication means that identities are never revealed. The app would warn users of a potential tag that is considered lost by its owner.

Apple Tracker Security – Is the Android App Enough?

Since the release of AirTags in April 2021, Apple has always emphasised that safety was always meant to be a priority. With encrypted security and codes that constantly refresh, the AirTags were meant to be really difficult to hack, and users were meant to feel safe whenever they carried them. They can even help to keep in secret whether you’ve been at the Las Vegas casino or not.

Security breaches still occurred, though. Owners of non-Apple devices had difficulties telling when they were being tracked with one of these AirTags as the tracker apps for Android only worked to show hardware owned by the Android user themselves.

The Tracker Does the Trick, but Tweaks are Expected

With the introduction of the tracker app, users are now able to scan nearby devices that aren’t paired with their phones. This will ensure that users are always aware of unwanted tracking devices in their vicinity.

The app was released as a way to help users swiftly avoid danger. However, the original release is affected by a handful of bugs that await to be fixed in future versions. Tracker Detect does improve security even in its raw state.

Release ID: 89060809