Andreea Beatrice Lazar Tipped To Be The Romanian Taylor Swift With New Single Release

Andreea Beatrice Lazar’s new single, Chill Pill, has just been released on iTunes and Amazon download services, and will help the award winning 14 year old singer pay for her schooling.

Andreea Beatrice Lazar has been making waves in Romanian music scene. Since first appearing on national television at the age of 12 she has won multiple singing awards and has since launched her own singing career. Her new single, Chill Pill, has been released for download throughout the world via iTunes and Amazon Download, and many Romanians have been referring to her as the Romanian Taylor Swift, as her fledgling career goes from strength to strength.

The singer, who appeared on Romanian TV talent show Kidsing and won hearts and minds, has gone on to sing multiple times on national live radio and is now releasing her first single. She has been touted as the Romanian Taylor Swift, and her fluent English will enable her to have a world wide appeal.

Chill Pill is a song for those who get carried away by life and its minute dramas. The song features a unique combination of RnB beats, classical violin and piano and pop synths and guitar. The website is designed to help people listen to the track for free on YouTube before buying it from Amazon or iTunes to listen to it offline.

A spokesperson for Andreea Beatrice Lazar explained, “Andreea is thrilled and excited to be releasing her single online for people around the world to listen to, enjoy and download. All proceeds from the download will be going directly to Andreea and will be held in trust to be used for her education, meaning every purchase will help Andreea pursue her talents while furthering her education. The single is available now, and the site has full social media integration to help people share their fandom on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We look forward to seeing this song spread around the world.”

About Andreea Beatrice Lazar: Andreea Beatrice Lazar is a Romanian singer just fourteen years of age, using her fledgling singing career to pay for her school tuition. Her website is being used for the new release of Chill Pill, a single now available to download from Amazon and iTunes. The site also includes a profile of Andreea, who has been a professional singer since just 9 years old.

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