Andrea Doven Warns Against Criticizing Past Employers

Recruiting wizard Andrea Doven talks about the dangers of speaking poorly against previous employers during the job interview process.

Over several decades of work within the human resources field, Andrea Doven has learned many crucial tactics to employ during job interviews.  In her recent work as a human resources consultant, she is able to share her vast experience with promising candidates, both as consultancy clients, her personal website, and on her own YouTube channel.  One of the most crucial things to consider during an interview is how a candidate speaks about their previous employer. “About four out of ten times, a person will be interviewing for a job, and they’re slightly critical of a past job or a past boss,” Andrea says.  “Being critical about past employers can negatively impact the perception of a candidate in the eyes of the interviewers.” She stresses that it is important to speak positively about past employment experiences during the interview, even if the experience wasn’t actually positive.  Instead, it is important to focus on the learning opportunities and other aspects that prepared the candidate for this new job; in other words, turn those negatives into positive attributes to help stand out from other interviewees. “The interviewee and the employer are both getting a feel for each other during the interview process,” she adds.  “The employer is most concerned with how the person will fit into the company’s culture and the person will approach tasks within this already-established business.”  Going on and on about how a previous boss wasn’t effective, or that the previous company didn’t know what it was doing can brand the person as a troublemaker in the eyes of the interviewer, not as someone who can approach difficulties with fresh insights and a calm, assertive manner. There are a variety of effective interview strategies one can use to land that perfect job, and Andrea has great advice and tips in this area.  Keeping negativity in check pays off handsomely, ensuring that the interview will go smoothly and that the candidate will generate a favorable impression with a potential new employer. What’s past is past, and interviewees should keep in mind that new opportunities are on the horizon if they do their part to represent themselves as valuable team players.  Watch another one of her videos here. About: Mrs. Doven has spent decades honing her skills in the human resources industry and has become a recognized expert in this field. From her work in the entertainment industry and a multinational software development firm, Andrea’s expertise has been refined throughout the years.  Currently, she is working with many clients as the founder of Doven, Inc., a human resources consulting firm that assists with recruiting and placing only the best-qualified employees.

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