Ancient Explorers Movement Invites Corporations to Unearth Historical Mysteries

Ancient Explorers founder & Inc. 500 Entrepreneur Amish Shah announces a “unique branding opportunity” for companies that support his organization’s ancient fact-finding mission.

Encinitas, CA, October 17th, 2014 – The Ancient Explorers, a global history & archaeology movement with over 170,000 online followers, have unveiled a new sponsorship plan for companies interested in supporting the discovery of ancient technology and wisdom that may shine light on mankind’s origins, and even influence its future.

The founder of Ancient Explorers, Amish Shah, who is also an Inc. 500 entrepreneur with a history of several 7-figure marketing & technology companies, regards the sponsorship as a unique corporate branding opportunity for lifestyle, consumer goods or service-oriented brands to connect with not only ancient history and archaeology enthusiasts, but also the mainstream audience his organization is now reaching out to through free & accessible films, reports and articles.

Through their website and Facebook page, the Ancient Explorers share a selection of free monthly videos, articles, location reports and other multimedia content with all members, while paid members receive a selection of premium content including online tutorials and expert interviews on subjects ranging from the lost city of Dwarka to the Egyptian Pyramids to the mysterious Sumerian Tablets.

“Our content, social media and email marketing are all instrumental, but there’s one more reason we’ve gone from zero to over 170,000 followers in just 18 months,” says Shah. “From escalating environmental concerns to bestselling books like Hugh Howey’s Dust to Hollywood blockbusters like Prometheus, we’re seeing a growing mainstream interest in subjects like human origins, ancient technology and mankind’s future survival – all of which are thoroughly represented by the Ancient Explorers movement.”

The Ancient Explorers’ debut documentary film, Dwarka: Atlantis of the East, is a fitting example of the movement’s leverage, attracting over 75,000 views since May of 2015 with virtually zero advertising costs.

Apart from their focus on content creation, the Ancient Explorers also run the Shah Education & Exploration Fund (SEEF): a nonprofit organization working to raise awareness for earth’s most important historical locations by empowering the communities surrounding them.

Interested companies can choose from a selection of four sponsorship tiers, with investment sums ranging from $1,500 to $25,000. Sponsorship opportunities include website branding, documentary film branding, expedition equipment, sponsored email blasts and more.

Shah believes his movement’s sponsorship opportunities will best suit a company looking to align with a spirit of exploration and adventure, and a cause that may leave a monumental impact on the human race.

“It’s exciting enough to find an artifact in a buried city that puts our common historical narrative into question,” he says. “But when that ancient finding also contains technology or wisdom that could secure our future, well that’s when you know you’ve got the world’s attention.”

Founded in 2013, the Ancient Explorers is a privately funded organization of history and archaeology enthusiasts on a mission to unearth the forgotten wisdom of lost cultures, civilizations and cities. Over 170,000 people follow their updates through email and social media.

Those interested in finding out more may view or download the Ancient Explorers sponsorship guide  and also visit the Ancient Explorers website and sign up on the mailing list at

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