An entrepreneur develops a breakthrough way to gain desired knowledge and skills with a unique line of applications

Alon Waller, the founder of DigitalMarketer Limited, is excited to announce the launch of a Unique Line Of Applications, covering a wide range of topics that will allow Apple users to gain desired knowledge and skills in a way never seen before.

Alon’s life nearly turned upside down just months after his firstborn child’s birth, as there was a strong suspicion he might have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Alon realized he now must learn about autism and become proficient in this topic to understand and control the new scarry situation and help his son the possible way.

This process was very frustrating; the combination of a large amount of mostly inaccurate or insufficient information online and COVID-19 restrictions such as social distancing regulations and lockdowns did not make it a quick, easy process.

This lead Alon to an astonishing idea, to turn this daunting process into a smooth, fun way for all people worldwide with an internet connection.

In Alon’s own words: “I'm going to teach Apple users how to find the desired accurate knowledge and gain new skills and knowledge, or develop and improve existing knowledge in less than a week without wasting hours siphoning through
a large quantity of information.”

Alon teamed up with ordinary everyday people to develop a unique line of applications covering a wide range of topics; Apps from learning about mental & medical conditions, managing them, finding specialized help, or support through gaining new knowledge and skills or developing and improving one’s passion and hobby like rock climbing, TRX, woodwork and even learn to train your puppy.

The apps contain different screens with explanatory and assistive videos; it is possible to write notes and note things that have been said in the videos which one might want to remember. You can find the nearest facilities relating to the different topics of the respective app.

Until recent times the applications world was dominated mainly by silly games, with little to no contribution to the world, to Apple users, cheap entertainment for the layman.
This has drastically changed with the outbreak of COVID-19. The world is changing in front of our eyes. People can no longer do what they use to, simple things like going to school, college, or university. Working from home has become prominent for those able to do so, employers come to realize there are alternatives for the office and the 9-5 job.

The change is so drastic, forcing people to adapt to a new reality moving forward. Mainly around learning and education; This unique line of applications is a big game-changer in the information era and the digital (online) world.

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