An Entrepreneur and Investor, Alon Waller, gives App developers a tremendous financial opportunity to keep doing what they love.

If you are a talented developer full of ideas for amazing apps, there is someone who is looking for you.

Here is great news for app developers out-there: no need to peach potential buyers anymore. If you are a talented developer full of ideas for amazing apps, there is someone who is looking for you.

Alon Waller is a name every app developer should keep in mind. This talented investor is an example of how far an opportunity can take you in life.
Alon is a digital assets investor, a writer, and a marketing consultant, who helped over 1000 developers to liquidate their assets and focus on their real passion - creating more great Apps. Over the past four years, he's been buying successful apps in both App Store and Google Play platforms and helps developers from all over the world liquidate cash that they would probably earn in 2-7 years!

James, 32, an app developer from Oregon, tried his luck with turning his talent into a decent income. "My app was running for more than a year and made no significant profit," he says.
In a crucial moment in his life, when he was forced to take another job to foster his dream, he got an opportunity – a phone call that changed his life. On the other end was Alon, who offered to buy the sleepy app so James could move to the next great project.
"I'm a developer," says James. "I have no will or knowledge to deal with marketing issues. It's just not what I genuinely love".

This opportunity is not to be underestimated. Skilled developers usually keep a list of great ideas they would very much like to implement. However, they often find themselves striving with marketing issues that do not concern them.
"developers struggle with taking their apps to the next level," explains Alon. "This is where my team and I work our marketing skills magic and take these apps where they deserve to be."

Nguyen, 28, a developer from Hanoi, had to juggle between his duties and his desires. His language skills and education got him a job at the airport - far from what he wished for himself. But Nguyen couldn't afford to quit and had to nurture his passion for only a few hours every day. Then he heard about Alon and asked him for an offer. "Alon made me understand that I can make an awesome living by creating apps and sell them," says Nguyen. "Now I can make this video-call with you at 10:AM," he laughs.

It isn't easy to spend hours in front of the computer with no benefit. Whether marketing issues are not for you or you have too much on your mind, you hang on to something that is profitless. You work for your app while it should be working for you. It makes no sense.

This is where Alon comes in. He helps developers maintain their resources and liquidate their assets.
"I bay their worries," he says. "that is, those unprofitable Apps that lay like a coffin on a developer's conscience."
It would be wise to say that the train of opportunities is going fast, and if by any chance you get to be at the station, you should not miss it.

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