Ami Shroyer Shares Tragic Story Of Mike Shroyer's Death

The singer-songwriter and ministry leader sheds light on the dangers of over-medication at

When ami shroyer's husband, mike shroyer, died in December of 2015 after breathing in an obstruction, she struggled not only to cope with the profound loss of husband and life partner but to understand exactly what went wrong. In talking with the medical personnel who attended him, she began to uncover some significant problems in what doctors refer to as the "standard of care." Now she is sharing Mike's story on her website in hopes of shedding more light on the dangers of over-medication.

The narrative begins with a ten-minute video that Ami created to get the story across as concisely as possible, and it is followed up by several more detailed written posts. "Making the video was hard to do," said Ami, "and it's hard for me to watch now. At the same time, the clips of Mike show his strength and his deep love for God and for his family. I'm grateful to have that to share."

In September of 2015, Mike was clearing land on their property for a family event when he inhaled something that lodged in his lung. He began to have trouble breathing and felt blockages in his throat and lung. When doctors couldn't pinpoint the source of the problem, they prescribed strong medications, including prednisone. For two and a half months, he suffered from the side effects of the medications despite the fact that he never had a diagnosis. After multiple ER visits, he was admitted to the hospital for the last time on November 20.

In the aftermath of Mike's passing , Ami came to realize that over-medication had played a major role in his death. On her website, she details the difficulties she faced in getting the autopsy report and the toxicology report and in getting open and honest communication from medical personnel. She now urges the medical profession to revise its standard of care and to prioritize treating patients and their families with humanity at all times.

Telling Mike's story and seeking meaning from it has been important to Ami as a means of coming to terms with her loss and finding hope. "Where I am today is not where I dreamed I would be," said Ami, "but the purposes for which we poured out our lives remain the same."

As she moves forward, she is dedicating her energies to her writing, her children, and her music. In addition, as a ministry leader, she sees her role as gathering people and connecting them in creative ways to make a collective difference. On a personal level, she wants to spread the message that healing from pain, suffering, and bitterness is possible through the goodness of God.

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Ami has been involved in ministry since 1990 as a singer-songwriter, recording artist, and worship leader. She has performed concerts and shared her talents in worship services, camps, conferences, retreats, women's events, schools, and other special events.

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