Ames Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Saunas Dealer Supports Positive Attitude Month

Hot Tubs Ames, Swim Spas, Saunas Dealer Shares 3 Ways to Develop a Positive Attitude. Offers Online or In-Store Shopping Options for Customers.

Hot Spring Spas of Iowa, a swim spa, lap pool, hot tub, and sauna dealer with stores in Iowa and Minnesota shares, 3 Ways to Develop a Positive Attitude.

“Having a positive attitude can have an impact on all areas of life. It makes it easier to deal with issues that arise, in a healthier and more productive way,” says Jason Rounds, General Manager.

October is Positive Attitude Month, developed to help people understand the importance of a positive attitude, and help them find better ways to change their outlook. Here are three ways to develop a positive attitude.

Create a Peaceful Place at Home to Relax and Feel Good
Having a hot tub in the backyard or on a patio is the perfect way to create a sanctuary for powerful positivity. A portable spa is easy to install, and offers many ways to relieve emotional, mental, and physical stress and negativity.

The primary method of relief that hot tubs provide is the weightless world of hydrotherapy. Taking the strain off of the body instantly creates a soothing atmosphere of luxury and comfort. The heat from the water increases blood flow and delivers oxygen rich nutrients to all of the vital organs including the brain.

The strong, strategically placed jets of a hot tub massage away tension and pain to relieve the body of daily stress or injury, making it easier to feel good about life and personal situations, and have a positive attitude that carries on throughout the rest of the day.

Remember Verbal Positive Feelings
Remember to use positive words when talking with others throughout the day. An example of this is answering questions with strong affirmatives. Even something as simple as responding with “Great!” or “Fantastic!” when someone asks, "how are you?” goes much further than simply “Okay,” or rambling on about pain or troubles.

Using positive words to respond in any situation is more about feeling better personally, than making others feel a certain way about a situation. Although, positive attitudes can, and do, easily rub off on others, the biggest effect they will have is making your own personal situation feel better.

Create a Positive Inner Dialogue
The same goes for what people say to themselves inside. No one else may ever hear the way we speak to ourselves, and sometimes that’s a good thing. That little voice inside can create negative feelings or positive ones. Make sure to pay attention to the positive talk and find ways to change the negative into something positive.

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