Americhip Creates Video-in-Print Brochure for Anthem Blue Cross and Healthcare Consumers

Anthem Blue Cross Taps innovative technology from Americhip to educate and increase brand awareness.

Recently, Americhip, a global leader in innovative advertising solutions, teamed with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in order to create a video-in-print brochure with the goal of increasing their brand’s awareness. This new advertising material was used to help educate their current customer base on some of their new service offerings. Ultimately, these innovative brochures will help to either introduce or re-introduce services to customers.

Americhip remains a global leader in the manufacturing, design and development of Multisensory advertisement materials that allow businesses to communicate important information to potential customers. These direct mail advertisements grab a person’s attention and provide helpful information that allows users to connect via a file or video that will provide even more information on the services advertised.

Americhip alongside Anthem Blue Cross understands that their patients are not just average media users, but digital intellects that make use of every media form available to them. Essentially, they want to understand the bigger picture and how people make medical and healthcare decisions. Americhip developed a video-in-print brochure that connects the leading healthcare company with both their existing members as well as potential new ones.

The final product was a sophisticated video brochure that highlighted BCBS services such as Customized Service Options, Live Online Support and a Live Health Report. Americhip’s patented video in print technology is effective as an advertising strategy for several of the world’s largest industries. This type of advertising material allows a company to creative and innovatively communicates with their audience as well as increase their trust and credibility with this company. For more information on unique video-in-print solutions for the company or next advertising campaign, visit

About Americhip:
Americhip provides advertising and marketing solutions to some of the world’s largest ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Their team of experts provides multisensory print mailers and digital solutions to their clientele. They are known as a one-stop source for advertising materials that make intimate connections with customers and their brands. Some advertising materials include: magazine inserts, packaging, specialty gift cards, print collateral, video-in-print and direct mail. Since their inception, Americhip has remained a pioneer in the development and design of communication tools within the advertising sector. Americhip’s products are great for those that are looking to further advertise their brand with a low cost and high return. All of their products are manufactured within the United States. Their manufacturing services are available internationally too, in Eastern Europe, Mexico and Germany.

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