Americas Bloggers Launches Revolutionary Concept To Help Writers Make More Money

Aspiring writers need look no further than Americas Bloggers, a team of marketing experts who will get articles in front of audiences and split the proceeds straight down the middle with the writer.

Writing is one of the most powerful inventions humanity ever created. Writing allowed our species to reach into the past and know its own history, to record its progress and ensure knowledge was passed on and furthered with each generation. It has also been the primary method of storytelling since our earliest societies, capable of moving people emotionally and physically through calls to action. With the rise of the internet, writing is more important than ever, and Americas Bloggers is a new venture that aims to help writers make great money by following their passion.

Americas Bloggers is free to join, and writers who do so will be entering a partnership with a highly successful marketing company. By joining, writers can earn as much as $100 per article, and the company specializes in a wide variety of niches, allowing writers to work to their strengths.

Once the article is written, writers needn’t worry about finding an audience - Americas Bloggers does this for them, and the revenues from traffic generated by the article will be split fifty fifty between the promoter and the writer, allowing both to prosper together.

A spokesperson for Americas Bloggers explains, “Writers are finding it harder than ever to make a living these days or even enter the industry. We want to provide an audience for all that untapped talent, but it’s important to us that we don’t exploit these people at the same time. The Huffington Post makes millions while its writers work for free, for ‘exposure’. We provide exposure, and an even split of the proceeds from the article. We offer complete transparency about traffic numbers, and provide the perfect way for people to turn their writing talent into a profitable venture, and even a future career.”

About Americas Bloggers: American Bloggers presents a unique opportunity for those blessed with the ability to create compelling writing. The site offers writers the chance to make an even partnership with a skilled marketing team, enabling writers to write about their passions and earn up to $100 an article for doing so thanks to the marketers putting the content in front of audiences.

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