Launches To Provide New, Informed, Perspective on World Affairs was created to explain to Americans how current affairs are affecting their lives, with broad contextual and in-depth analysis to ensure high quality reporting on breaking news.

American exceptionalism is a deeply rooted tradition this is ingrained into American culture yet notably absent in digital media. It drives the country to achieve more and ensures a self-regulating integrity that overcomes personal, vested or partisan interests. is a news website that brings this integrity to journalism, explaining world news from an American perspective. The site looks to inform instead of sensationalize.

Getting away from the 24-hour news cycles’ penchant for ever increasing peril and pessimism, has moves toward rounding up the day’s most important stories and looks at them with a critical eye. The coverage strikes a balance between getting the news quickly, and providing a level of insight so people know how each story affects their lives.

As a policy, will cover no gossip or celebrity stories, instead focusing on important that matter to Americans. The site delivers these in near real time, taking a slight pause to find the implication and figure out why this matters to our country. The site is 100% free, with no paywall now and forever.

A spokesperson for explained, “We focus on today's breaking news and why it matters to you. We focus on the latest news in Business, Health, the Planet and the World. We also deliver today's USA news and why it matters to you. We aim to keep America up to date and well informed. Our coverage keeps in mind traditional American values and we focus on stories that impact the fabric of our country. It is a site designed to return America to our founding values of freedom and patriotism. We share America's benevolent love for our country and its people and we look to improve, overcome and make our country better for each new generation. This is the perspective that will guide all our work.”

About is a news service that focuses on the news of the world and why it matters to Americans. They help Americans understand how the day's news affects their lives - whether its news from their own communities or around the world. They focus on high quality, impactful stories that have a meaningful affect on the average American.

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