American Vascular Center Unveils Information on New and Effective Vein Treatments

New treatments allow spider veins and varicose veins to be effectively eliminated with minimal discomfort and fast recovery times, reports American Vascular Center

American Vascular Center, a varicose and spider vein treatment center, today announced its educational page that allows readers to learn about safe and effective treatment for these vein issues. This will make it easier for sufferers to decide what to do about their vein problems or to move ahead with existing treatment plans.

"Many people don't realize what types of advancements have been made in the treatment of these problems, and because of this, may not seek help for them," noted Dr. James McAdoo of American Vascular Center. "Even worse, some people have heard negative reports about therapy that are based on methods that have long been obsolete. Now, treatment for spider veins and varicose veins is effective and there may not be any downtime. People who have shied away from the idea of having vein treatment should take another look - today's methods are much better than those used a couple of generations ago."

The treatment that is currently considered the "gold standard" for varicose veins is sclerotherapy. This is a non-surgical method that has little discomfort or recovery time for the patient. A special solution is injected into the targeted veins. Its first effect is to turn them white, and after that, they gradually disappear. Another treatment, laser therapy, is used mostly to get rid of spider veins. The laser is used to heat the tiny veins and get rid of them. One of the big benefits of this therapy is that it doesn't disturb surrounding healthy veins. Its accuracy is good enough to accurately target even tiny capillaries.

Some veins are large enough to require surgical treatment, but the days of general anesthesia and long recoveries are over. Now, a new, minimally-invasive system is preferred. This system, called Venefit, involves inserting a special catheter into the vein to cause it to collapse and seal. The catheter causes these effects by delivering endovenous radiofrequency ablation energy to the targeted area.

"The Venefit system is one of the most exciting developments in the area of surgical varicose vein treatment," Dr. McAdoo said. "It allows almost all cases to be treated with just a local anesthetic, provides improvement up to four times faster than standard surgery, and can be performed either in a clinic or as a same-day hospital procedure. This is far better than the old vein stripping method that was known for causing bruising, pain, and long recovery times."

Because of developments like this, it's a good idea for anyone suffering from spider or varicose veins to make an appointment at a vein clinic. Now, it's very likely that a method will be recommended that involves minimal downtime, fast recovery, and little discomfort.

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American Vascular Center is headed by two doctors; Dr. Amaryllis Pascual and Dr. James McAdoo. Together, they provide both non-surgical and surgical solutions to spider veins and varicose veins. Both use the most modern methods available so that patients can enjoy minimum discomfort and effective results.

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