American Idol Contestant Ryan Zamo Purposely Butchered Katy Perry's Favorite Song on TV

Ryan Zamo seemed to shock viewers last night with his terrible cover of Katie Perry's favorite song ‘Gravity’, but says it was all done to market his organic skincare brand Z Skin Cosmetics.

Gifting the judges with his organic skincare products 'Z Skin Cosmetics' and taking on ‘Gravity’ by Sarah Bareilles, 28-year-old Ryan Zamo seemed to confuse viewers during last night’s 2 hour special of American Idol. After raving about owning the organic skincare company 'Z Skin Cosmetics', Zamo continued on to butcher Katie Perry's favorite song, after which she says, 'that was the worst rendition I've ever heard". However, though his audition was way off key and out of tune, he has had multiple albums and hit singles, including ‘Nothing Remains’ which landed on the Top Selling Singles charts back in 2014.

Outside of his music career, the 28-year-old also owns Z Skin Cosmetics, the 100% organic skincare brand which has become wildly successful over the past 3 years. When asked why he purposely threw his audition, Zamo replied, “Well, I figured everybody loves the bad singers on idol, so why not botch my audition so I get on TV. It was the best shot at getting some free marketing for my products.”

During his audtion, Zamo starts off by giving the judges a bag of Z Skin Cosmetics, where Katy Perry takes out the ‘Face Lift Toner’ and sprays it on Lionel Richie’s face, “It’s moments like that which are priceless”, said Zamo. And although the segment was brief, the internet is buzzing about his “terrible” audition and his shameless self-promotion, “It was well worth it if you ask me” said the 28-year-old.

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