American Home Services Announces Exterior Renovation Services

New windows, siding, and decking increases a house's value both for current homeowners and prospective buyers, reports American Home Services

According to Business Insider, having new siding put on a house is one of the top five ways to increase its value. Even so, this is just one of the reasons people hire companies like American Home Services Inc. It is likely that most customers actually want new siding, windows, and other improvements so that they can enjoy the results themselves.

"Most of the people who call us want to beautify their homes simply because new and beautiful is more enjoyable than old and broken down," said American Home Services' sales department. "They also may need to replace old materials due to rot or other damage. While window frames, siding, and decking can last for years, even the vinyl versions eventually wear out. Someone who has these things replaced will naturally feel better about driving up to their own houses. Of course, if a customer does want to sell, such projects can be a great help. People are more likely to buy a house when it looks well-maintained."

One of the most well-known options is window services utah. Window companies advertise on TV and over the radio all the time in order to reach everyone who could use new frames. While these ads usually focus on how easy vinyl windows are to maintain, the fact is that they're also far more efficient than old, single-paned options. Modern windows typically have double glazing, which provides insulation. Some also have coatings to block UV light without interfering with the view. Because of these benefits, people don't just buy new window frames to replace rotten ones or to add beauty. In many cases, they also want to lower their fuel bills by making their houses more efficient.

"We put in plenty of windows," American Home Services said, "and siding is another big hit. However, another great way to improve a home is to add a new deck or replace an old one. Decks look great, but their functionality is even more important. They provide a convenient place to barbecue, eat outdoors, or just enjoy the day. Many people would rather do these things on a deck instead of the lawn because a deck provides a nice, stable, clean surface. Not only that, the lawn will get bare spots if it gets too much traffic, but a deck won't be bothered by a few parties."

While American Home Services is usually called in for just one thing, it is often called back to do other jobs on the same house. This is because once homeowners see what a difference one renovation makes, it's natural for them to want to have other worn parts of their homes replaced. Once everything is done, a house can look like new. This will increase its value not only in the real estate market, but for the current homeowners as well.

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American Home Services provides new windows, siding, decks, doors, and fencing to homeowners in the Orem, Utah area. It also handles new roofing, reshingling, and roof repairs.

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