American Hearing & Balance Increases Tinnitus Therapy Options in Los Angeles, CA

As new research is conducted into the debilitating disorder of tinnitus, the options for tinnitus treatment constantly expand. The experts at American Hearing & Balance share their expanded tinnitus therapy options available in Los Angeles.

Ringing in the ears is a hearing disorder which affects nearly 50 million Americans between 60 and 75 years old. The principal manifestation of tinnitus, which usually impacts significantly more men than women, is hearing tones that nobody else can hear. Tinnitus is usually not considered a disease in itself but an indication of something else taking place in one or more of the four components of the auditory system – the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the brain. Tinnitus more frequently appears as a co-symptom associated with other types of either conductive or sensorineural loss of hearing, rather than being a type of loss of hearing by itself. However, because tinnitus causes visitors to hear the buzzing or ringing sound continually, this tends to have the effect of reducing an individual's absolute threshold of hearing, which makes it more challenging to hear low-level sounds normally.

The audiologists at American Hearing & Balance in Los Angeles are regularly researching new tinnitus treatments to make them available locally. Because many of these therapies are rather new, long-time tinnitus sufferers may not know that new treatments are available to them. American Hearing & Balance prides itself on being able to offer the most current tinnitus therapies in Los Angeles. Along with maintaining a list of presently available tinnitus treatments on their website, American Hearing & Balance team members often write about new developments on the company blog. Readers looking for further detail about the treatment options listed below are urged to visit the website at or contact American Hearing & Balance for an appointment.

Hearing aids. Tinnitus sufferers often also have some level of hearing impairment. Hearing aids provide a dual benefit of improving hearing and masking or covering up the tinnitus. Many patients with tinnitus receive partial or complete relief from their tinnitus by using hearing aids.

Medication. Drug therapies approach tinnitus on two different levels. They are able to combat the strong emotions and anxiety that are prevalent among tinnitus patients and also directly reduce the symptoms.

Maskers. A tinnitus masker is a small electronic gadget that produces noises of its own to cover up (or mask) the tinnitus. Many patients report good results with tinnitus maskers even though they do not enhance hearing the way a hearing aid does.

Counseling and Relaxation. Stress tends to make tinnitus seem worse, so being able to relax is very important. Beyond learning to relax, visiting a counselor for tinnitus-induced depression or anxiety can be very effective.

About Dr. Keith Michaels, Au.D.

Dr. Keith Michaels, Doctor of Audiology and Hearing Instrument Specialist at American Hearing & Balance, received his Masters Degree from California State University, Los Angeles and his Doctorate in Audiology at Florida University. Dr. Michaels has helped fit thousands of people with hearing aids and loves to work with people who have problems with their balance and/or vertigo.

About American Hearing & Balance:

American Hearing & Balance is a family owned business providing superior hearing healthcare services in Los Angeles and surrounding communities with seven offices in Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Westchester, Torrance and Glendale. They offer a full range of diagnostic and preventative hearing healthcare professional services, including hearing tests, hearing aid sales, and rehabilitative and counseling services for those with hearing loss. Additionally, American Hearing & Balance stocks all the most common hearing aid accessories including cleaning supplies, hearing aid batteries and cell phone adapters. American Hearing & Balance is dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest improvements and technological advancements in the hearing industry and is committed to offering the most current options to patients.


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