American Fashion World Unveils New 18" Doll Clothes and Accessories

Company provides rich fodder for children's imaginative play now including new 18" doll clothes and accessories.

Child psychologists and other therapists who work with children have figured out what many parents have long known, that playing with dolls opens a child's imagination to all of the possibilities and potential that rests in the adult world. By watching children play with dolls, therapists and parents gain insight into how a child feels as well as to the development of his or her thoughts. Children's imaginations are so rich that they can create a doll baby from a corn cob, but today's most popular line of dolls by far are 18" dolls.

Dolls are a learning bridge to adulthood, one that stimulates both creativity and intelligence and requires no batteries. One of the most valuable learning tools a parent can provide a child is a rich array of dolls and accessories with which to play. American Fashion World, a company that specializes in selling popular 18" dolls, wholesale doll clothes and accessories, recently unveiled a number of new arrivals sure to enrich the play of every child who owns an 18" doll.

"Our goal is to provide children with all of the essential elements they need to role play adult activities in a doll sized format," said company spokesman, Jose C. "We recognize that play is the work of childhood. When children use their imaginations in order to play with their dolls, they are developing the skills that they will one day use as adults. We understand the value of enabling a child to interact imaginatively with dolls and also, the value of role playing. The benefits of both are well documented. There are also enormous advantages to permitting children to play dress up, and also, to dress their dolls. With our wide range of outfits and accessories, we're able to open the doorway to a child's imagination and to invite inside both potential and possibility. Nothing delights us as much as the letters and emails and photographs that we receive from parents expressing the joy their children find in playing with our doll clothes."

American Fashion World delivers in the childhood fantasy department with 18" doll clothing separates, wholesale doll shoes and wholesale doll accessories. Their extensive and innovative product line is carefully selected to provide both universal childhood favorites as well as variety, and is updated on a continual basis. Clothing fits all standard 18" tall American Girl type dolls, of which there are a number on the market. All purchases are guaranteed.

About is a Naples, FL based online store that sells every imaginable type of clothing for 18" dolls. From professional medical uniforms to western outfits, bridal dresses to swimsuits, nightwear to sporting clothes, underwear to outerwear and every possible needed accessory, American Fashion World has each doll covered.

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