AMCAP Mortgage's North Houston Branch Announces Major New Updates to

Just-updated site will prove even more valuable to those looking to understand FHA-insured home loans, AMCAP Mortgage North Houston branch reports

The North Houston branch of AMCAP Mortgage announced important updates to its website at Since its launch, that site has proven to be one of the most popular, comprehensive, and accessible online resources for those seeking information about mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration. The major new updates to the site announced today by the North Houston branch of AMCAP Mortgage will make the site even more useful and will therefore be of great interest to home buyers, lending industry professionals, and many more visitors.

"Despite the importance of the FHA to the American mortgage industry, the details of its loan insurance programs are not always well understood," AMCAP Mortgage North Houston branch representative Gerry Nicodemus said, "We're proud to say that our site at has proven to be a great help to many people trying to come to grips with these issues. Thanks to the updates that have just been published, the site will now be even timelier and more useful than before."

Since the Great Depression, when mortgage default and foreclosure rates skyrocketed, the Federal Housing Administration has offered insurance for private home loans meeting certain requirements. Lending much-needed stability during bad times and providing easier access to credit for home buyers at others, the program has been a major force in the mortgage industry since it was established. In the depths of the last recession, for example, the FHA insured a full quarter of all new mortgages, and even in today's much stronger economic climate, its insurance still guarantees a double-digit percentage of new private home loans.

Despite its undoubted significance to the mortgage industry, and therefore to home buyers, the FHA's loan insurance program is a subject of persistent confusion. Recognizing this fact and determined to provide much-needed help, the North Houston branch of AMCAP Mortgage, a leading home mortgage lender with active offices in six states, launched

That site includes everything from straightforward, no-nonsense articles detailing FHA eligibility requirements to guides that look at FHA vs Conventional Loans, helping readers decide which of these options is likely to make the most sense for them personally. The reception to the young site has been uniformly positive and highly enthusiastic, with many visitors singling it out as the most helpful online resource of its kind.

The new, site-wide updates will make the website even more useful to visitors. They include improvements across the board, so visitors can be assured of receiving the timeliest, most accurate information regarding FHA Loan Qualifications, the different kinds of FHA-insured loans, and much more.

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