Amcal Brookfield Pharmacy Lists New Range Of Weight Loss Products In Online Store

Amcal Brookfield Pharmacy is offering Kiwis a broader range of weight loss products on their online store to help people shed the holiday excess and start looking forward to summer.

Weight loss is a serious issue, with a so-called obesity epidemic affecting developed nations with easy access to fast food. Now, after the holiday season, many people are waking up to a body showing the signs of excess and wish to do something about it. Amcal Brookfield Pharmacy in New Zealand runs an online store that allows individuals to purchase their over the counter medicines and treatments, and has long been a leader in weight loss aids. They have recently added a full range of Kate Morgan weight loss products to the store to help people shed those unsightly extra pounds and improve their health as a result.

The Kate Morgan range ( on the site includes meal replacement shakes, soups, cereals and snack bars in a wide variety of different flavours and quantities. The new range is designed to give a complete solution to feelings of hunger and can be used in tandem with other popular products on the site including Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean extract and more.

These additions are not without alternatives however, such as the Optifast diet range
( , and the site includes all associated products including shakers and recipe books. All items are listed with high quality imagery and detailed product descriptions, together with clear pricing and easy ordering so that individuals can get back on the road to fitness sooner rather than later.

A spokesperson for Amcal Brookfield Pharmacy explained, “Brookfield Pharmacy has been on the leading edge of weight loss products in New Zealand for years now, and the Kate Morgan range is one of the most exciting new developments in the field since we first began stocking these kinds of products. They represent a more natural, gentler way to weight loss while still creating impressive results. These low calorie meal replacements help people feel full and satisfied while helping them maintain a calorie deficit diet, the only proven and effective way to lose weight and keep it off.”

About Amcal Brookfield Pharmacy:
Amcal Brookfield Pharmacy, located in Tauranga, NZ, also offers an online retail site for the purchase of over-the-counter pharmacy medicine, nutritional, sports, beauty and weight loss products. Brookfield Amcal also provides a number of unique services including; medication management, flu vaccinations and blood pressure checks. The site is regularly updated with new products and offers.

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