Ambitious Traveler Aims To Raise $1M Through Crowd Funding To Take Wife Round The World

An ambitious traveler named Alex wants to raise $1m to take his wife on a round the world trip, and spend $300k on gifts for anyone who donates, together with videos and pictures of the vacation.

Crowdfunding is transforming the way people do business, raising investment not from profit-oriented Angel investors but from people who simply want a product or service to exist enough to help bring it into fruition. This has obvious advantages for businesses that are successful in reaching their funding goals, as these donations needn’t be paid back, nor receive a share in business profits. One ambitious man is using it for a very different reason however, and is seeking one million dollars to take his wife on an unforgettable round the world trip.

The trip aims to take in all the most famous sites from around the world, and according to Alexander’s brief, will be ‘done right’. The specific itinerary is subject to change according to the amount of funds received, but Alexander has pledged thirty percent of the budget raised, up to 300,000 dollars, to buying gifts for those who donate from unique locations around the globe.

The fundraising campaign has just begun, and Alexander has offered those with no budget to spare a way to contribute by simply offering destination advice, with ideas and inspirations for the trip welcome as the crowdfunding community helps to define an unforgettable experience for his wife.

A spokesperson for Alexander A explained, “Alexander thinks outside the box, and while many people would simply abandon the idea of going on a trip around the world for lack of budget, Alex hopes that people can empathize with the love he feels for his wife and his desire to thrill her with a surprise round the world trip, and that this will move people to donate even a small amount toward making it possible. As well as sharing ideas, you can also donate through GoFundMe to receive your $300,000 dollar gift.”

About Alexander A: Alexander A is a man who loves his wife and wants the best for her. He desires to change her life with a round the world trip taking in all the major destinations while staying in the best accommodation and enjoying unforgettable experiences. In exchange for the help of crowdfunders, Alex will donate up to 300,000 of his budget to gifts for those who donate.

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