Amazon Customer Preps Up With Surviveware's Survival Kit For 2021

Customer's Preparedness Plan Includes Favorite Survival Pack

2020 has been a challenging year for us, causing many to reevaluate the way life is lived. How could life be lived differently, with more intentionality and purpose? Creating an emergency plan and investing in supplies is one way to ensure that preppers and survivalists are not caught off-guard this year.

Surviveware, a prominent retailer of backpacking and preparedness essentials, offers the ideal solution - the Surviveware Survival Kit. This tactical survival kit combines first aid, hygiene, and survival in a 3 lbs heavy-duty bag.

Each first aid and survival kit includes a set of first aid provisions for handling any injury including assorted bandages, an emergency blanket, wound strip closures, tweezers, cotton gauze swabs, safety pins, shears, splinter removal probes, cotton balls, and prescription baggies. Surviveware also added a premium-grade knife, poncho, signaling mirror, wire saw multi-tool and paracord bracelet. Surviveware's Biodegradable Wet Wipes have also been included in this water-resistant pack, vital for any clean-ups.

Despite having extensive provisions, it's easy to assume that this kit lacks space. However, kit owners are pleasantly surprised to see that there is still space to add personal items like inhalers, prescription medication, or an Epi-pen.

Many plastic-cased kits break and tear easily, but Surviveware's 10" x 7.25" x 5" tactical survival kit is robust, pliable, and organized. Supplies are stored in color-coded compartments (blue for hygiene, green for survival, and red for first aid). The fluid layout of the Tactical survival kit means there is no need to rummage through the pack to find an item and the ordered system helps bystanders to easily locate items without having any prior knowledge of the kit.

Surviveware's first aid and survival kit has a premium-quality MOLLE-compatible system. The MOLLE straps make it possible for kit owners to latch the bag onto almost anything, including a backpack, bicycle, tent, motorcycle, or tree branch.

In this review, an Amazon customer shared that 2020 made him realize how important it is to have an emergency plan, and that realization made him decide to purchase the Surviveware Survival Kit.

"Awesome emergency kit. 2020 has taught me I need to have an emergency plan. FSA/HSA eligible as well, another awesome thing. Just wish this kit had a tourniquet. Overall great kit to add to my prepping inventory. The company also included a free tactical pen in my order. Pretty sweet."

Start the year right with an emergency plan and the right first aid pack. Click here to order your Surviveware Survival Kit today and make 2021 an emergency-ready year.

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