Reduces Price on Revolutionary Teeth Whitening Product

One of the most effective home teeth whitening solutions ever released to the public sees prices slashed on

Teeth whitening can give an incredible lift to a person’s appearance; not only improving the way the teeth look but also brightening up the entire face and making the recipient look younger. For these reasons it is an exceptionally popular cosmetic dental procedure. However, until now, there have been relatively few home teeth whitening solutions that have had the same dramatic effect as a dental procedure.

One teeth whitening kit that is getting a lot of attention recently has been launched on This kit has gathered a substantial reputation for leading to incredible tooth whitening results that are comparable to those achieved with professional dental work. It has come into renewed prominence for a sizable spring discount that has made the kit even more affordable.

The kit contains two moldable mouth trays (for the upper and lower sets of teeth), four syringes with 35% peroxide gel, a mouth guard case, an LED light to activate the gel, a shading guide to keep track of whitening results, and an extra teeth whitening pen for use before bed.

While the kit delivers extremely powerful results, it is also incredibly safe. It doesn’t react badly with crowns, capped teeth, or cavity fillings.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer said: “Teeth whitening is an often overlooked tool to improve beauty and reduce the appearance of aging. It’s sometimes incredible how someone’s entire face can be transformed by just whitening their teeth a few shades. However professional dental teeth whitening can be an extremely expensive procedure that is out of the reach of most people in these tough economic times. We wanted to develop a home teeth whitening system that delivers the same results as a professional teeth whitening procedure at a fraction of the price. We’re incredibly proud of how our new system has developed, and the results that it can achieve. We believe that it is by far the best teeth whitening kit on the market, and this latest discount brings great tooth whitening results within the reach of even more people.”

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